Friday River Launch

February 8, 2019

"Looking for What We Can Love" Ch. 46

What happens when we come across students that challenge our emotions and best intentions? Here are some suggestions from, The Don't Sweat Guide For Teachers:

1. The first step is to acknowledge what you feel. Be honest with yourself.

2. Next, commit to do something about it, by putting the students' educational needs first.

3. Work to find "what you can love in that person." Everyone has a good quality.

"When you focus on what is worthy in a student that you have trouble with, you will have taken a giant step towards becoming a more compassionate, responsible, and effective teacher to all of your students." -The Don’t Sweat Guide for Teachers

Coach's Conner with Stephanie Sosa

The conference with Rick Wormeli has sparked many conversations on the value of standardized grading practices, even for those that did not attend. It is always a good idea to understand the “why” of a newly learned strategy, and if you were to implement it, what parts (if any) can you start with? Here is a short article on the subject. I have also included simplified rubrics and grading charts on standardized grading on my padlet:

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