A+ College Ready Program Updates

Feeder School- December


2022 A+ College Ready Schools of Excellence

These schools were honored at the November State Board of Education Meeting. We are very proud of your accomplishments.

Middle School Training and Incentive Program Schools

These schools’ 2022 8th graders met or exceeded their academic growth goal in reading and math as measured by the PSAT 8/9 exam

  • Brookwood Middle School

  • Carbon Hill Elementary/Junior High School

  • Hewitt Trussville Middle School

  • Orange Beach Middle School

  • Pisgah School

  • Scottsboro Jr. High School

  • Wetumpka Middle School

High School Advanced Placement Training & Incentive Program School

These schools’ AP students earned qualifying scores equal to or greater than their schools’ AP Qualifying Score Goal

  • Crossville High School

  • Dothan High School

  • Charles Henderson HIgh School

  • Elberta High School

  • Geneva High School


December 15th is the final date for teachers to complete necessary tasks for stipend-related activities for the fall semester. Please have each teacher (and coordinator, as well!) check his/her own DRS account to ensure that all items are properly recorded. Any questions or discrepancies should be directed to helpdesk@aplusala.org Teachers are eligible for stipends for the following items:

-Participation in Fall Vertical Team Meeting (must submit reflection in the DRS)

-Participation in Fall Learning Round (must submit reflection in the DRS) provided school principal completed his/her training requirement.

-Attendance at applicable fall PD (must complete post-event survey sent via LearningStream)

-Completion of a Mid-Year Survey

Coordinators, if you have not yet uploaded the agenda and sign in sheets for each discipline’s vertical team meeting, please do so by December 15th in order to be eligible for that portion of your stipend.


Have these been scheduled at your school? As a reminder, teachers are eligible for a stipend for participating in one vertical team meeting each semester. Coordinators earn their stipends by uploading the agenda and sign-in sheet for each discipline to the appropriate subfolder in the A+ Shared Google Folder. The deadline for teachers and coordinators to submit their documentation is December 15th.


Summer Training 2023- We are excited to announce that our dates for E3 2023 are set! Administrators and teachers should place the appropriate week of training on their calendars!

Summer 2023 Leadership Institute for School Leaders - June 6-7, 2023 Bryant Conference Center Tuscaloosa

E3 Year 2 Training and AP Summer Intensive - June 27-30, 2023 Hewitt Trussville HS

E3 Year 1 and Year 3 Training - July 11-14, 2023 Hewitt Trussville HS

POWERSCHOOL CREDIT: If a teacher needs a certificate for proof of attendance, they may find that on the individual transcript in the PowerSchool portal. Any questions regarding PD credit should be directed to lamarla@aplusala.org or kadie@aplusala.org.



Teachers who signed an LOA for the 2022-23 school year have $300 in instructional funds for purchase of classroom materials (science and art teachers have $400). Checks have been mailed to the individual schools with a detailed breakdown of the amount designated for each teacher. If you have questions regarding your instructional funds please contact Jenifer Glover at jenifer@aplusala.org


A+ College Ready will cover substitute fees up to $125 of the flat rate fee per day for program school teachers who attend our training. This does not include taxes.

The school bookkeeper can request reimbursement using the Substitute Reimbursement Form located in your school’s Google folder. Please include a copy of the substitute salary schedule from your district office. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days of the training event.


As we near the end of the first semester, many schools are beginning to think about creating the course selection catalogs/guides for the 2023-24 school year. School counselors are pivotal in determining what courses students choose to take.

Counselors, as part of the A+ College Ready program, we ask you to guide students to take rigorous coursework to better prepare them for college, career, and life. We ask you:

  1. Reconsider rigid prerequisites and requirements for advanced, honors and Advanced Placement courses.

  2. Use data to challenge students in more rigorous courses versus using the data to keep students out of rigorous coursework.

  3. Work diligently to make certain that the demographic makeup (race, gender, socioeconomic) of our advanced, honors, and AP courses matches that of your school. Aggressively recruit underrepresented groups of students for challenging coursework.

  4. Inform and educate parents on the benefits of challenging coursework while in high school and the importance of LEARNING versus simply “making good grades.”