Weekly RoaR

Week ending September 5, 2015

Happy Birthday to YOU!

7 - Tommy Mobley

District Projector Refresh

Just an FYI... Technology will be coming next week to replace your projectors. We are on the schedule for Monday, Sept. 7 through Thursday, Sept. 10.

Mark Your Calendar!

Sept. 7

Labor Day, No school

Sept. 9

Fire Drill

Sept. 10

Grandparents' Breakfast, 6:45 AM

Parent Orientation: "The Art of Being a Dodd Student", 5-7 PM

Room Parent Meeting, 7-7:30 PM

Sept. 11

DinoBeat: K-2 Recognitions

Boy Scout Assembly for grades 1-4, immediately after DinoBeat

Sept. 18

Fall Pictures

PTA Movie Night, 6-8 PM

Move Your Bus

During our October WTG Wednesday meeting we will be working with our Move Your Bus. Please prepare by reading Part II: How to Accelerate. This is the longest part of the book, but again, it is an easy read.

Now that you have identified with a "character" on the bus, a runner, a jogger, a walker, or a rider, the next part guides you through the characteristics of a runner/jogger. It identifies concrete examples of how to accelerate as a contributor on our bus.

Celebrate Reading Day!

As noted on our annual event calendar, Celebrate Reading Day will be held on Friday, September 25. The event will run similar to last year. The purpose of this day is to help kick-start our year as a campus who promotes, supports and encourages all to read. Without literacy, opportunity dwindles.

On this day,

  • Students are encouraged to choose a book of their choice, either from the library, your classroom, or home. Then, they will dress as their favorite character in the book. Students should bring the book to carry while walking in the parade.
  • All teachers and staff will be encouraged to also dress up and show their favorite children's book.
  • A banner should be created by grade level or class to be carried during the parade.
  • The parade ends in the cafeteria, where Ms. Duvall will share a fun story with the students.

It is not required, but we would like to see additional activities in the classroom to support our promotion of literacy. Some ideas include:

  • themed reading opportunities: relaxing with a great book (students bring beach towels and sunglasses to go outside and read for sustained silent reading), "scary" stories by the campfire
  • guest readers (contact parents or someone else special to come in and read a book to your class), Skype with an author, etc.
  • if you haven't already... it may be a great time to create goals for the quarter or the year.
  • introduce a tracking system for reading accountability

Please start talking to your students about this day and mentioning it in your newsletters. The parade will begin at about 8:00 AM. Parents are asked to be in place by 7:45 AM, when we will close our parking lot. We will start sending out fliers and such after parent orientation.

We have already confirmed the McMillan drum line again. They are super excited to come out and support our event!

Watch DOGS

Our Watch DOGS Kick-Off was a success! We had a great turn-out. The program's positive effects on a campus and its students are noteworthy. As a campus, we take pride in these volunteers and do our best to make them feel comfortable. The vast majority have to schedule these days off months in advance, so it is our expectation that everyone welcome them when they show up at your door and have an activity/job in mind. Should there be a scheduling issue, do everything in your power to meet with Mrs. Legg before the dad comes to make altercations.

Thank you for your efforts in supporting this program!

Tech Byte: Bloomz

While walking around today, Mrs. Bodmann shared a neat app with me! I asked her to write up a blurb to share with you all. Please read her comments below.

Bloomz: A One Stop Shop for Parent Communication

Bloomz is a new app that provides everything you need to communicate with your parents in one place. It is similar to Remind in that you have a class code that they use to sign up, however there is so much more to it. Parents can access it through an app on Apple/Android devices, through their web browser, or through emails. You can send messages to one parent or the whole class, or you can create a post with a message or pictures. You can even pin a post to the top (such as a link to your Smore Newsletter). You can create photo albums, a calendar with event reminders, set up conferences (similar to Sign Up Genius), or ask for volunteers. For those of us in 2nd – 4th, you can invite another teacher to post to your group. I have been using this with my classes for the last two weeks, and I have gotten a lot of great feedback from parents. They really enjoy seeing the pictures, which are really easy to upload from your phone, device, or computer.