The Road To Perseverance

Unit 4 Newsletter


Perseverance means to continue on, even though the obstacles you face threaten to overwhelm you. All of the real-life examples here have had to face their own range of adversities, from a very large portion of their family dead, or having to face racial barriers.

The Lady Jags

The Lady Jags are a basketball team from Carroll Academy, located in Tennessee. All the students have all had to deal with a wide range of adversities. For example, one girl first tried marijuana when she was eight years old. They were all able to persevere and triumph over their adversities with the help of the staff at Carroll Academy. The coach at Carroll Academy used basketball as a way to teach life skills, such as teamwork, discipline, and communication, despite the fact that they have not won a single game out of more than 130 games. They may also use it to help control personality problems. An example is a girl who was only allowed to play basketball as long as she was able to keep her anger under control. Once the students have completed their time at the academy that was determined by the court, they will go back to regular school.

Eleanor Roosevelt

You may know Eleanor Roosevelt as being the First Lady when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president. However, she was more than that. At a young age she lost all of her family, and was sent to Allenswood boarding school. At the boarding school, she learned to train herself physically and mentally. She ate a healthier diet, and played sports. She also became more responsible. All of this lead to her becoming a strong leader who later became FDR's connection to the outside world when he had polio.

Leroy Sutton & Dartanyon Crockett

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton were featured on the ESPN video “Carry On”. Dartanyon and Leroy both had to persevere through their own hardships. This inseparable pair share many similarities, but have their own separate differences. They have both had to face living their childhood with less than ideal situations. Dartanyon’s mother died of an aneurysm and his father abused drugs. Leroy’s father was in jail, and his mother continued to drift away from him due to drugs. Leroy was also hit by a train, causing him to lose both his legs. Dartanyon was born with Leber’s disease, which is a degenerative eye disease. This causes him to be extremely near-sighted and legally blind. Dartanyon and Leroy were both on the Lincoln-West High School wrestling team. Dartanyon was a winner in many different weight classes. He carried Leroy on his back because the school had no elevator. They were both intense practice partners, and throughout high school, they had bonded by helping each other out. Leroy made sure Dartanyon could read small print and in return, Dartanyon carried Leroy around. In a school with a graduation rate of less than 40%, they had both managed to graduate and wanted to go onto college, but could not afford it. Lisa Fenn had tried to raise donations for the two graduates. Dartanyon later received a college diploma in August 2013. Leroy went to Arizona to study video game design. On the other hand, Dartanyon was noticed for his natural athletic talent, and was invited to live at the Olympic Training Center located in Colorado Springs. Dartanyon was able to earn a spot for the U.S. Paralympic team and won bronze. Though these two individuals may have had separate adversities, they were both bonded together by the need for each other.

Francisco Bucio

On September 19th, an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale toppled buildings around him. The problem was that his right hand, the one he used to perform surgery with, was crushed under a steel beam. After the Bucio family's large amount of digging through the rubble, they finally found him 4 days later. Later, rescuers said that they would have to cut off Bucio's hand in order to free him. His family would not allow it, keeping in mind Francisco's dream of becoming a surgeon. The Bucio family was finally able to free Francisco 3 hour later using a crane. When Bucio was rushed to a hospital, the first thing that the doctors do was operate on Francisco's hand in hopes of saving it. 3 weeks later, when his hand failed to heal, the only solution was to amputate it. Some months later, he went to San Francisco and met Dr. Harry Buncke who is the Chief of Microsurgery at Davies Medical Center. Buncke was the first to transplant toes to replace missing fingers. During the surgery, Dr. Buncke replaced Francisco’s ring and pinkie fingers with 2 of his toes. This led to Francisco finally able to grasp objects using his right hand. After Francisco recovered from the complex surgery, he went into an intensive therapy and exercise program in order to allow his hand to work as well as it was before. He later returned to Mexico City where he did limited duties such as passing instruments to the doctor who was operating. His final test was to operate on a man who needed to rebuild his nose using cartilage from his rib. Finally, after one hour of surgery which would have taken another surgeon 10 minutes, he finally managed to complete to operation.

Winston Churchill

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An individual can learn many things from the perseverance of other people to ascend their own adversities and those that are happening around the world. An individual could learn to not give up just because of a really bad situation, one that is either physical, such as in the case of Dartanyon and Leroy. This also applies mentally, such as when Eleanor Roosevelt lost all of her direct family members. In general, all of those who had to persevere have had one thing in common which was never to give up, no matter how overwhelming things might be.