Rocketeer Newsletter

Rock Creek Elementary- September 17, 2020

Newsletter for Rock Creek Elementary School

Rock Creek Elementary School is a community on a mission to develop compassionate, responsible, lifelong learners. We strive to cultivate thinking, and inquiry that empowers students to engage in a changing world.

Upcoming Events

9/17- Kindergarten instruction will begin for students whose last names begin with A-L

9/17- Library Book Pick-Up CANCELED due to Air Quality

9/18- Kindergarten instruction will begin for students whose last names begin with M-Z

9/21- All Kindergarten students will begin full Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)
9/21- Library Book Bundle Pick-Up 2:30-4:00 pm (See below)

9/24- Library Book Bundle Pick-Up 11:00 am-12:00 pm (See below)

9/28- Library Book Bundle Pick-Up 2:30 pm- 4:00 pm (See below)

10/1- Library Book Bundle Pick-Up 11:00 am-12:00 pm (See below)

Exciting Library News!!

Hello Rock Creek Rockets,

I am very excited to share with you the curbside book bundle schedule! We will be in front of the school entryway. You will need to park, wear a mask and stay distanced while you wait in line. Please bring book bags with you if you have them.

Our 11:00 - 12:00 schedule coincides with lunch pickup at Westview so you can stop at both schools.

September 17th- CANCELED due to Air Quality

September 21st from 2:30 - 4:00

September 24th from 11:00 - 12:00

September 28th from 2:30 - 4:00

October 1st from 11:00 - 12:00

The book bundles will be pre-made having five to ten books each so you can choose by genre. Please look at the whiteboard and choose a genre while waiting in line.

You may also place a book on hold. Please watch this short video to show you how.

Placing a Hold in Destiny

You will receive a notice when your book is ready to be picked up. I will do my best on holds. Even though the catalog might show a book is available some may already be in a bundle or lost. You will pick up your held books during the scheduled Library Book Bundle Pick-up times listed above.

Soon I will be sending another schedule including more information on the Book Bus for those who cannot get to the school. As always when you come to get more books please return books at the same time.

Connie Hilger

Library Media Assistant

Did you miss picking up an iPad for your Kindy, 1st or 2nd grade student?

If you missed the K-2 iPad distribution on Wednesday, please contact Jessica Vogel to schedule a time to pick one up for your Kindy, 1st or 2nd grade student. If you have a Chromebook to return, please bring it with you when you pick up the iPad. Also, If you have library books to return, please bring those with you as well. Please complete the Device Checkout Card below and bring it with you when you pick up the iPad.

Chromebook quit working?

If your 3rd thru 5th grade student needs a replacement chromebook, please email jessica_vogel your student's name and Id number and we will get one set up for your student and email you the pick-up times.

Student Help Desk Information

Need help with your BSD Device?

Student Help Desk

Monday - Friday (8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.)

Phone: 503-356-4656


Please provide the following and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

  • Name
  • Contact information (phone number)
  • School
  • Student ID
  • Description of the issue

Due to the large volume of support needs at this time, there may be wait times on the phone as well as delayed responses to email requests. Our staff are working hard to ensure that students have working devices and we appreciate your patience.

Student Login Information

From the Desk of Rock Creek Counselor-Michelle Solberg

I am excited to be teaching SEL (Social Emotional Learning) lessons to our Rock Creek students. Please see below for schedule and zoom information starting next week.

First Grade: Students will be using Classroom Teacher's Zoom Link- (Stay logged in)

8:45 Monday: Spivey

8:45 Tuesday: Vogel

8:45 Wednesday: Clark

2nd-5th Grade will all use the same link or meeting number and password. Please remember that after your zoom session with your teacher you need to QUIT(log out of Zoom) and reopen it for it to work for the SEL Zoom Session.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 981 1575 5445
Passcode: counselors

Schedule on Wednesdays for 2nd thru 5th Grade:

9:15-9:45: 2nd grade

9:45-10:15: 3rd grade

10:15-10:45: 4th grade

10:45-11:15: 5th grade

Check with your child's Teacher for Zoom Codes for Kindergarten SEL lessons taught by our Student Success Coach Mrs. Krueger


Jay: 9:00-9:20

Peck: 9:20-9:40

Pfeaster: 9:40-10:00

Learning Without Limits

Don't miss this incredible 30 minute video!

I find that at stressful times like these, I need to be reminded to use skills that I may already have but have forgotten to use. Here is a video made by a former psychologist in our district. It was made for parents at another school, but she gave me permission to share it with you. (This video is not an advertisement. She is just mentioning her current business.)

Michelle Solberg
Rock Creek Elementary School

Important! Rename Zoom for iPads

It is very important for security and community building that your student has their name visible during Zoom meetings. If a student's name is not visible the teachers cannot allow them in to the Zoom meeting. Here is a link to help rename your student's device whenusing an iPa

Rename Student device when Zooming for Ipads

Adding an Alarm for iPadsads

Here is a quick tutorial for adding an alarm for iPads so that your student will know when to log on for Zoom meetings etc.

Alarm for iPad Tutorial

Important! Rename Zoom for Chromebooks

It is very important for security and community building that your student has their name visible during Zoom meetings. If a student's name is not visible the teachers cannot allow them in to the Zoom meeting.

How do you rename a zoom on a Chromebook?

Step 1: Open your Zoom app and click on Settings in the bottom right corner of your screen. Step 2: Tap on your 'Profile' at the top of your sidebar and then select 'Display Name'. Step 3: Once selected, enter your desired new name in the two text fields that appear and tap on 'Ok' to finalize your name change.

Repeat: Zoom Privacy Guidelines

To maintain a positive, productive learning environment and ensure privacy of students and teachers during Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL), all parents/guardians/students are asked to follow these guidelines:

  • Please don’t video record, audio record, photograph, livestream or transmit in any other way any part of a Zoom virtual classroom session. This restriction includes social media posting.

  • Any confidential or personally identifiable information related to students participating in Zoom virtual classroom sessions should not be collected, discussed or shared.

  • Students zoom display name must be their actual name or they will not be allowed into the session.

Thank you for your cooperation.

PTC's Boohoo/Yahoo Breakfast

Like just about everything else, our Boohoo/Yahoo breakfast will look a bit different this year. As we will not be able to meet in person, we are holding Zoom meetings!

Please join us on Tuesday, September 22nd, at 4:30pm or 7:00pm. We chose this date & time for a few reasons:

  • It seems most may be busy with schooling in the morning, so our typical breakfast time is not feasible. And, we wanted to give a little flexibility for afternoon/evening times.
  • Kindergartners will not be starting full Comprehensive Distance Learning with their teachers until September 21st.
  • We believe September 22nd gives everybody some time to get their feet under them and EXHALE (like the district says, YOU GOT THIS)

This event will be an opportunity to meet the PTC Board and to learn about what exactly it is that we do. We're looking forward to seeing you!

Meeting ID: 938 737 5710

Password: 9Fivuc

Repeat: Attendance Procedures- Subject to Change

Students are expected to be engaged in learning five days a week. However, the reality of the pandemic requires flexibility on how a student demonstrates meeting that expectation. For example a student may attend a live teacher-led session, watch a teacher-recorded video, interact with the teacher via email, post completed coursework. Further guidance is available in the ODE Guidance, but, in general, there needs to be two way interaction between the teacher and the student.

Teachers will mark students absent, during the scheduled school day, if there is no evidence of interaction with the teacher or the coursework. The interaction with the course does not need to include synchronous participation. (Live participation in Zoom meetings)

Teachers will verify (the next morning) if the students who were marked absent did interact with the coursework outside of the typical day. (Posted completed assignments etc.) They will update the absence if the student completed work after hours.

If your child is going to be absent, please notify the teacher so they they will be marked excused.

Repeat: Beaverton Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

The new school year is the perfect time for students and families to start creating healthy (and safe!) habits. Safety is everyone’s responsibility! Here are some reminders when you are
traveling in your neighborhood:
• Keep your eyes and ears open for traffic all around.
• Wear a helmet whenever you travel by bike, skateboard, scooter or roller skates.
• If driving, slow down to 20 mph or less in school zones and neighborhood streets.
(Students are learning from home which means they might be taking a walk or roll break
at any time during the day.)
• Check for safety at all intersections and in bike lanes.

Remember to be alert and mindful of all road users (no texting!).

Back to School looks different this year. Start your day by taking a walk or a bike ride. Take
movement breaks in between classes or subjects. Share photos of how you are staying

physically active while learning at home using the hashtag #bsdsaferoutes

Build heathy (and fun!) habits into the remote school day: take a walk or wheel around the

block in between classes or subjects: Need some inspiration for activities on your walk or ride?

Check out this weekly activity calendar.

Looking to add variety to your usual walks or rides? Practice the route to school so you’re
ready to roll when school meets again in person. Find your preferred route map here.
Is your child commuting to another location for Comprehensive Distance Learning? Make that
trip an active one! Your kids will be more focused, and research shows that active kids perform 20% better academically. Is the location for your commute too far to walk? Try driving part way and parking to reap the endless benefits of a daily walk. 30 minutes of walking each day with your child = 150 minutes of quality time together every week. Build in those healthy
habits now and your body and mind will thank you.

Looking for remote resources for walking and biking with your family? Need to plan a route,
learn how to fit your child’s helmet properly or just want a fun activity to keep your kids
motivated to walk or roll? The Beaverton SRTS Remote Resource Guide can help with all of

Repeat: Family Toolkit

Would you like some ideas or great resources for setting your student up for a successful school year? BSD has launched a library of resources and on-demand videos to support families during Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL). We'll be adding to our Family Toolkit throughout the next few months. Check the link below for all the resources.

Family Toolkit

Repeat: Important information regarding meal service for the fall

The start of school is right around the corner, and our Nutrition Services department has been hard at work developing a plan for providing meals during Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL). We have just received waivers from the USDA which allow any child (age 1-18) to pick up free meals.

Here’s a look at how meals will be distributed this fall:

  • Parents or guardians may pick up meals for students who are not present.
  • Meal pickups will occur two days per week: Tuesday (2 days of food) and Thursday (3 days of food) from 11 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Meals will be packaged with breakfast and lunch together.
  • Masks must be worn by anyone picking up meals.

Visit for bus stop locations.

For meal benefits questions, call 503.356.3957 or email:

Families can apply for Free and Reduced Price Meals ONLINE!

The process is SAFE, SECURE, PRIVATE, and available through

All students who qualify for free or reduced price meals receive breakfast and lunch meals free of charge. Instructions on completing and submitting your application are provided below. Please contact Laurie Bishop, Meal Benefits Coordinator, at 503-356-3957, if you have questions or need additional assistance.

Curbside Grab-and-Go School Sites:

Big picture

Repeat: Cedar Mill and Bethany Library Information

Cedar Mill and Bethany Libraries want to support your family with the creation of a monthly newsletter full of resources to share with your students called WiserKids K-5 Newsletter .

September’s issue features:

Distance Learning Resources in English and Spanish from the County



Topical booklists - including IRLA booklists and a video on how to search for IRLA books in our library catalog.

Read Alouds- Librarians reading picture books aloud on themes such as friendship, narrative nonfiction, community helpers, and folktales! (four different Youtube playlists)

You can subscribe to our newsletter here:

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Principal: Tiffany Wiencken

Keep Rock Creek safe: report any student safety threats to SafeOregon. Tips can be reported by phone or text (844-427-3367), email (, or online ( For more information, visit

The District prohibits discrimination and harassment based on any basis protected by law, including but not limited to, an individual's actual or perceived race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national or ethnic origin, marital status, age, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, familial status, economic status, veteran status, or because of a perceived or actual association with any other persons within these protected classes.