Technology Tidbits

Nevitt Forest Community School of Innovation

Nevitt Forest is a great place to be!

At Nevitt Forest Community School of Innovation, we are blessed with many forms of technology! Each classroom is equipped with SMARTboards-which allow students to interact and view information together to understand knowledge. Teachers and students have access to Chromebooks, iPads, desktops, as well as two computer labs.

Coming Up! An introduction to coding!

In the last month of school, Mrs. B will be working with students on an introduction to coding, or the language of computers! These skills feel like games, but this could lead to an exciting career in computers or with technology or engineering Students use problem solving skills and mathematics to understand that computers work on a series of commands. Interested in finding out more? Visit the following sites!

Try your hand at it here!

South Carolina and National Standards

South Carolina has technology standards that help children become learners ready for the next step in technology. At Nevitt Forest, we also use the ISTE National Technology Standards-helping students begin with a great foundation in technology skills.

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship

It is important that we teach our children to be safe on the internet-both for themselves as well as to others. We spent the beginning of the year focusing on internet safety lessons-not talking to strangers, not giving out personal information, never share passwords, etc. We also spoke about digital citizenship-or the idea that as people who use any online tools, we become a part of a much bigger "online world." This is also associated with "cyberbullying" which has been a hot topic in the news recently. We remind students that the internet does NOT provide us the invisibility that we think it may-and we need to make smart choices about what we say and share on the internet.

To check out more about Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship, visit our Nevitt Forest page about Digital Citizenship!

About Mrs. Breitmeier-aka, Mrs. B!

Hello! I am Amanda Breitmeier (aka, Mrs. B) and I am the technology facilitator at Nevitt Forest Community School of Innovation. I am a Greenville native, where I live with my husband, three cats, and one dog. I attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia for both my undergraduate (Early Childhood Education) and my Masters in Education (Educational Technology). I taught kindergarten in another district and was very excited to work with children here at Nevitt Forest in technology! I see students once every two weeks-this schedule allows me to work both in and out of the classroom with students as well as meet other technology needs within the school.