Collins' Earth Advocates

May 25, 2016

Our mission is to create a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students have ownership over their learning and are inspired to think, innovate, and create.
Dear Patriot Parents,

We've had a fantastic year thinking, innovating, and creating: The Pike Road Way. I sincerely hope you have a Wonderful Summer and may Peace be with you.

Earth Advocates Rock!!!

Terry Collins

Reflection of the Year!

We did It! The Pike Road Way

Terry Collins

Oh how time has flown by.

Truly adorable faces and you were only “yay” high.

We’ve learned together you and me.

Like “Making A Mark- A Dot- Kandinsky!”

All the animals of Pike Road;

Are very proud of your progress, if it could be told.

Making lemonade was a huge hit.

We squished and rolled, it’s truly legit.

Old man winter came in without snow.

We had much fun making cones, balls and crystals- the finale show.

Like little fledglings, eager to learn- Eaglets

Rearing to soar like an eagle with etiquette.

Remain positive, have integrity in everything you do.

A forever Earth Advocate; the earth depends on YOU.

We’re cooking now!! Chefs, teamwork, clean-up, presentation and taste.

In my heart you scored, you concurred, you aced!

Ultimately, our journey has come to an end.

Bittersweet, best of luck, my family…my friend.

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Culinary Pike Road Chefs

Eat South Field Trip

A day filled with fun and laughter! 2016 Patriot Games!

Happy 4th of July

Stars Fell on Pike Road
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Time to have a FANTABULOUS summer
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Summer: Thinking, Creating, and Innovating....It's the Pike Road Way!!

Summer Reading Calendar

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