Chinese Invention: Horse Collar

Jaime, Luke

Luke's Text

The Roman Theodosian Code of 438AD decreed that anyone caught harnessing horses to a load in excess of 500 kilograms would be severely punished. So exceptionally low was Roman horsepower that horses were never used in agriculture. How did the French in Troyes 800 years later during the dark ages use horses to pull so much? It's in the harness or 1931 he claimed that the Greeks and Romans had never found the correct way to harness horses but had simply adapted the yoke harness of the ox, with minor modifications, to the horse without ever realizing how inefficient this system was.

In about the fourth century BC the Chinese made a great breakthrough. Soon, the hard -yoke across the breast was also abandoned and replaced by the more satisfactory breast strap, commonly called the 'trace harness'.

Collars and horses
This just is a video that shows real horse collars.

Jaime's Text

It helped Chinese people because the horses didn't die as much. When the horse collar was made horses could pull heavy objects. It changed the world because it helped everybody who had horses they would not die.

After B.C chinese had a outbreak the horse collar went everywhere to Europe, Middle East, and Africa. But other countries tested out the horse collar to see if it really works. Before the chinese made this invention other countries used a collar that connects to the horses throat but after the chinese made the horse collar they abandoned the old horse collar and started to use the new horse collar.