Technology Class

The Awesome Adventures Of..........


1. For news there is frames and preset music that fits themes and many other things.

2. Video editing allows you to delete parts of your movie so it will be the best.

3. Frames allow news to have text at the bottom of the screen.


  1. iTrailer allows text slides in between some video and pictures.
  2. There is also themes like Adrenaline for fast paced action.
  3. iTrailer fits almost any preveiw for something with music and sounds.

Go Animate

  1. There is custom or preset themes with props.
  2. Props allow your videos to have style and/or look like something (school).
  3. Character Actions can make it so that they can show something off or ride a bike.

Haiku Deck

  1. Slides will allow many ideas into one presentation.
  2. Pictures can illustrate every idea.
  3. Pictures don't need resources because they are from Haiku Deck.

Explain Everything

  1. Video and voice recording is available.
  2. Text and drawing can be in it too for art lessons.
  3. Pictures can be in it with one click of a button.