News From Mrs. C

Our class news for the week of Oct. 28th-Nov. 1st

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hello Everyone,

We had Kona Ice day after lunch today and boy was it tasty! The kids were so excited to have this treat courtesy of our PTA and all of our parents. Thank you for being so generous with Sommer during the fundraiser. We exceeded our goal!

Speaking of goals-our class met our star card goal again!! We brainstormed, voted, and learned that on November 1st we'll be having electronics/board game/toy day in our room in the afternoon. Way to go Mrs. C's class!!

Things to Do/Remember:

1. Portfolios/Published books went home on Friday. Please return everything on Monday.

2. "Coins for Coats" drive lasts until the end of October. All loose change adds up to new coats for kids in need and the possible chance that we'll win a "Flashlight Friday" in the library!!

3. Our "virtual" bookfair isn't over yet! If your students missed out, encourage them to visit our online site at . We will be sending home flyers with this information as well.

4. It's never too late to get your background check for volunteering: RRISD Volunteer Link

5. Have your child join the Birthday Book Club. It's on the librarian's page but here's a quicker way to get there: Birthday Book Club Link

Dates to Remember

Oct. 29th: TAG Information Night @ 6pm

Nov. 1st: Electronics/Board Game/Toy Day in our room!! Please read this document and PRINT OUT THE LAST PAGE (or ask me for a copy), sign and send in for an electronic device at school.

Nov. 1st: Send extra Halloween candy to school and it will be donated to the Texas Baptist Children's Home

Nov. 7th: Picture retakes

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- We will be looking at the relationship between addition and subtraction. Once children learn their addition facts, it's easy to see the connection and missing component in a subtraction fact. We are also going to see who can count money already in preparation for our upcoming unit on counting coins.

Social Studies- Our PBL Landmark Project is moving along. Everyone has been researching using laptops and information emailed or brought in from family field trips. Each group has decided upon a way to exhibit their information and now we just need to work on getting some media attention. Look for an email with more information and requests.

Writing- We published our first books!! It was fun to read other writers' stories and leave them book notes on the back of their books (like real author's have!!). We are beginning our All About unit slowly but surely.

Reading- It turns out that we are pretty good at making inferences while reading. We've read some funny stories and watched an interesting video that gave us inferencing practice. Next up, we're going to learn about why authors write stories: to inform, persuade, or entertain.

Spelling/Handwriting- Our spelling and handwriting have been on hold since we're using a part of our morning to work on our Landmark Project. While we've continued to practice handwriting positions, pencil grips, and capital letters in the correct place, it's not the same. My hope is to return to these two important areas in another week. We are learning information about spelling and handwriting but I would like time to have a mini-lesson before practicing.

Class Wish List

-Lysol Wipes to clean our desks daily!!

-any books (picture or chapter) that you are no longer reading at home

-one copy each of Jon Klassen's I Want My Hat Back or This Is Not My Hat

-batteries for our flashlights (sizes D, ESPECIALLY AAA, AA)

-gift cards to Target or Wal-Mart (used for classroom supplies and prizes)

Our Week in Pictures