The Cheyenne tribe

By:Bre and John

History Of the Cheyenne

  1. Hundreds of years ago, the Cheyenne tribe lived by the banks of the Minnesota river.
  2. The ate small animal and like fish.
  3. Large tribes attacked the Cheyenne again and again.
  4. The Cheyenne quickly learned to train and ride horses.
  5. Horses remain valuable to the Cheyenne tribe today.
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Shelter of the Cheyenne tribe

  1. They built homes made out of wood frames covered with sod,witch is a layer of grass and dirt.
  2. The lived on the bank of the Minnesota river.
  3. They moved to Black Hills of Dacota.
  4. The made a tepee.
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Clothing of the Cheyenne tribe

  1. They wore buffolo.
  2. They wore feathers.
  3. The most popular was deer skin.
  4. The mainly wore elk.
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Food of the Cheyenne tribe

  1. They eat fruit.
  2. They eat corn.
  3. They eat fish.
  4. They eat a lot of deer.
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Cheyenne Traditions

  1. Each June the Cheyenne performed one of there most important ritvals the renewal of the sacared arrows.
  2. They left a small gap between tepees at the north end of the circle.
  3. Cheyenne holy men brought a bundle of four arrows into the tepee.
  4. These two men practiced the sun dance to renew the horses of nature.
  5. Cheyenne women prepare food for the family.
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Cheyenne Culture Today

Today,the northern Cheyenne reside primary in Montana on there own reservation and the southern Cheyenne tribe resides in Oklahoma. The Cheyenne culture center is located in Clinton,Oklahoma
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