San Francisco


Alcatraz was one of the hardest to escape prisons running from 1934 to 1963

Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park is an urban park similar to Central Park in New York City


The most original and oldest Chinatowns in the city.


The Golden Gate Bridge was named one of the seven wonders of the modern world. It is easily one of the most iconic landmarks in the United States. Another name for it is, the Golden Gate Strait. The strait is located in San Francisco, California. It was built as an easier way to get from Marin County to San Francisco Bay.

In 1916, James H. Wilkins came up with the idea to build the bridge. He wanted people to be able to cross over without it taking a long time. The idea was approved in 1924. The building started in 1933. It ended in 1937, taking 4 years to build.

The 4200 foot long bridge costs $35.5 million to make. The giant bridge weighs 887,000 tons. Since California has a lot of earthquakes, they made it able to withstand earthquakes with a 6 point magnitude. The bridge can also stand winds up to 90 miles per hour. The color of the bridge is called, "GGB International Orange", not gold.

The name refers to the Golden Gate Strait, not the color of the actual bridge. It connects Marin County to San Francisco. The main building purpose was to increase population in San Francisco. Another reason was to create jobs during the Great Depression.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a well known and unique landmark in the United States. The wonderful bridge connects Marin County to San Francisco. The bridge makes it more simple and fast to travel. The strait is 77 years old. This bridge is the most famous bridge in the United States.

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