The Red Army

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Did you know that their attempt to change Russia means that their redemption is gone an there is no way for them to obtain it again? Do you think Vladimir Lenin was a good man if his statue was torn apart? Hi my name is Alexander Williams and I am going to teach you about the red army arsenal, history, and history of their leaders. Before we get started let's talk about what the color red symbolizes. The color red symbolizes war, danger, strength, power, determination, desire, and most well known communism.This relates to Lenin and Trotsky because they were both willing to go to war for a change of Russia, danger because they both knew if they lost they would have to pay a price in execution by Czar Nicholas III, strength and power because the red army was powerful, went through brute force just like a ruffian to get to their objective, determination because they were determined that the red army also known as the Soviets would come through, desire because they demanded for a change in their country, and it stands for communism. Alright then, hopefully this will be a revelation to all the readers reading this.
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History of the Red Army

First we will be talking about its history, and the history of their leaders. The history starts on February 23, 1918, and ends on December 25, 1991. Everybody thinks that Vladimir Lenin formed the red army, but that would be false information. In fact, Leon Trotsky formed the red army on February 23 1918, but then let Lenin take the lead because Lenin was a close friend. Let’s skip to December 30, 1922 the start of the Soviet Union, but unfortunately for the red army their leader also known as the father of communism Vladimir Lenin died on January 21, 1924, and then Leon Trotsky came to power until he was assassinated by someone on August 21, 1940. Now we are in World War II where Joseph Stalin is in power. During World War II there were 4 major battles fought by the Soviet Union including The Siege of Leningrad which was the longest and most destructive sieges in history because of the high amounts of casualties and how long this siege lasted because it started on July 10, 1941, and ended on August 9, 1944. Now on the Battle of Moscow was frustrating for Hitler because the civilians burned down, crushed, and blew up supplies so the strategy of Blitzkrieg wouldn’t work, and so the Germans would not be able to use supplies to survive the Russian Winter. Next is the Battle of Stalingrad was a turning point of World War II where Axis forces went all out on offence with the city of Stalingrad, but the Soviets used a counter-offensive and a deceiving victory wiping out all Axis soldiers with no mercy. Finally the last battle is the Battle of Berlin starting on January 16, 1945. The Battle of Berlin was a wipe out being surrounded while the UK, United States, Canadians, and some French rebels pushed west from Normandy, France while the Soviet Union pushed east wiping out most German artillery on their way to Berlin. Well now we are finally starting the Cold War. One minor war about 5 years after World War II is the Korean War. This war was small, but important because if the Soviet Union managed to bring all of Korea on to a communist government almost all of Asia would have a communist government. Eventually the red army lost, and there was one democratic Asian nation who wasn't willing to give up. On March 5, 1953 Joseph Stalin dies and now Georgy Malenkov takes power for only 2 years. Now Nikita Khrushchev is the leader of the Soviet Union. He was the leader of the Soviet Union who supported the idea of the Cuban Missile Crisis, but 1 year later he goes out of office. The next leader is Yuri Andropov who is only in office for 2 years. Then there is Konstantin Chernenko who was only in office for 1 year. Then there was Mikhail Gorbachev who was a major leader of the Soviet Union during the Soviet-Afghan War. The last leader who really shouldn’t be a leader is Gennady Yanayev who was in office for a whopping amount of 2 days! I guess we can all say that the red army was successful at first, but ended up as a failure.

Artillery and Military

Secondly we will be talking about the red army’s artillery and military. Before we start this paragraph I just wanted to say the word artillery means vehicles or human guided projectiles. Now starting with handguns there are 3 major handguns used by the red army. 1 would be the Nagant M1895 revolver, 2 would be the Tokarev TT-30, and 3 would be the Mauser C96. Now advancing on to the rifle class there is only one major assault rifle that was used, and that was the AK-47. The AK-47 was easy and cheap to make, so they were on mass production by the millions. That is why the AK-47 is so popular. Here is one of my favorite classes the Sub-machine Guns. There are 2 major guns including the PPSh-41 and the Thompson. Marching forward on to the Heavy Machine Gun class we have the DShK-38 which is used to take out machine guns attached on trucks during the Soviet-Afghan War. Now there are 4 miscellaneous weapons including the PTRS-41 used for taking out tanks as a high caliber sniper rifle, the ROKS-2/3 Flamethrowers, the Panzerfaust which was a stolen gun from the Germans after WWII, and finally the RPG-1. Hustling down to artillery we have 3 different classes of tanks starting with light tanks, medium tanks, and heavy tanks. These tanks were used in battle specifically because of how they were designed. Light tanks were meant to travel quickly, and take down advancing enemies. Medium tanks were used to take down light artillery, and advancing troopers. Heavy tanks are meant to go slow, but they also cause devastating damage on buildings, artillery, and enemies in a defensive formation. Our next class is going to be the Self-Propelled Guns accommodating the SU-100 and the ISU-152. Our next division is unique, and it was modified by the red army on the late cold war, so we will be talking about Multiple Rocket Launchers or as I like to call it the Hydra. Our latest Hydra would be the BM-31 which was modified to go on long distances and do massive damage. Finally we have aircraft which encloses with 3 types of aircraft. 1 was the La-7 which was a fighter jet used during late World War II, but retired in 1950. 2 is going to be the Yak-1 which had complex structure, and was used through 1940-1950. Finally we have the Ilyushin Il-2 which was used for support for the troopers on the ground. Changing subject we will be looking at the lore of the red army’s military. Now the SAF or the Soviet Armed Forces had 5 branches including General Staff, Strategic Rocket Forces, Soviet Army, Air Defense Forces, Air Forces, and the Navy. Now the highest rank you could achieve would be Supreme Commander also known as Generalissimus of the Soviet Union. Some of these commanders are Georgy Zhukov, Aleksandr Vasilevsky, and Konstantin Rokossovsky. Two strategies would be a counter attack or attacking by brute force. A counter attack is when you make your enemies exhausted until they have time to think of a new defensive strategy. Attacking by brute force means that you give it all you got using all of your heavy weaponry and no mercy to succeed in victory. At first you have the sweet taste of victory, but now you only taste sour defeat.


Let’s go and check over what we have learned about. We learned about the history of the red army, and their leaders. We learned about all of the major battles fought by the them in World War II. We learned about the red army’s artillery and military. We learned about how the color red represents the red army. Finally we learned about who actually formed the red army. Now since you know at least a portion of the red army why don’t you go to Russia and check out more history about the them, so take a selfie in front of the fallen statue of Vladimir Lenin.

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