Team Glambassadors

October & November News and Recognition

Hello Glambassadors!

I am beyond excited with this exciting season that we are having, and it's not over yet! We've had LOTS of promotions and goals being met and there are still 24 more days left in 2015. The shipping cutoff for Christmas is December 15, but there is still time to book in tight. I'm shooting to squeeze one more in before the deadline, remember it's just a get together and not a wedding so keep it simple!! I'm also planning on having an open house after the shipping deadline for customers who need last minute gifts (think men) and doing cash and carry straight from my table.


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  • Associate Stylist
    • Bri Towne


    Associate Stylist
  • Megan Priest
  • Shawna Jones

  • Senior Stylist

    • Bri Towne
    • Nikol Anderson-ZumMallen

    Star Stylist

    • Katie Jakemer (and a double promotion to boot!)


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    • Katie Jakemer - 2
    • Amy Garner - 1
    • Bri Towne - 1
    • Megan Priest - 1


    • Tiffanie Worland - 2
    • Katie Jakemer - 1
    • Shawna Jones - 1

    Top in Sales

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    • Amy Garner - $5,676
    • Katie Jakemer - $3,117
    • Angela Weiss - $2,119
    • Bri Towne - $1.719
    • Shawna Jones - $1,166


    Amy Garner - $7,122

    Katie Jakemer - $5,933

    Angela Weiss - $4,048\

    Shawna Jones - $3,095

    Tiffanie Worland - $2,645


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    • Abigail Montero
    • Amber Torres
    • Casey Smernoff
    • Josie Wenning
    • Julia Cameron
    • Kara Welty
    • Madison Witte
    • Sara Cisneros
    • Tiffanie Worland
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    Now it's time to PAAARRRTY!!!

    Hope all our SoCal peeps can join us...get a sitter, grab a carpool and COME!!! And for all of our non-local friends....we will raise a glass to you and look forward to being together at Hoopla!!!!
    Monday December 14th 6:30pm Dinner, Drinks and of course shenanigans. $15 per person! Spouses welcome!! RSVP pretty please via the link!

    Amy Garner - Associate Director with Stella & Dot

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