She's The Man Vs. The Twelfth Night

Things you did not know about these two creations.

Brief summary of She's The Man & The Twelfth Night

In She's The Man, the background is staged in modern times while in The Twelfth Night it is staged in the Shakespearean times. Even though both movies are of the same topic, they are portrayed in very different ways. In STM, viola goes to illeryia dressed are her brother in order to play soccer. in TTN, viola dresses as her brother and changes her name to cessario in order to protect herself while in illeryia.

Here are some differences between them

In She's The Man, viola dresses as her brother Sebastian in order to play soccer. In the Twelfth Night, viola dresses as cessario in order for her to not be detected by others in their enemy's land. In the Twelfth Night, Sir Andrew and Sir Toby Belch are more frequent in their showing while in She's The Man, their characters are hardly noticeable if nonexistent. She's The Man had more visual sexual innuendos

Here are some of the similarities between the two movies

Viola disguises as a man in both movies. Sebastian disappears in both movies. Sebastian falls in love with Olivia and Duke falls for Viola in She's The Man just as in The Twelfth Night.