Dear ParentS,

Thank you very much to all the parents who were volunteers at the Crab Feed/Auction. We were very happy to see you there. The auction was an excellent event. Thanks for your participation.

We want to let you know that our Read-A-Thon started on March 9th to April 6th. Gather sponsors using your Pledge Form. Log pages read and track donations on your pledge form. Since our children are not reading on their own yet, parents can read to them and fill in the reading log. For every book you read to your child you can ask friends and family for a donation depending on the number of books you plan to read to your child.



• All Mass school on Thursday 9 am. We celebrate St. Patrick Day and because it is a Mass day the kids are ONLY TO WEAR GREEN TOPS. They may wear them with jeans or uniform pants. No other green attire (hat, face paint, hair color, etc.) is allowed.

Friday – No class for children. Professional development for teachers at St. Charles.

• Kindly please do not forget to bring the egg shells to school by Monday, March 21st. We will be having our Egg Hunt on the 22nd (WEATHER PERMITTING).

• Trimester 2 ended on March 9th. Report Cards will be sent home on the 16th.

No parking is allowed in the parking spots in of the front of the school office during the drop-off and pick-up times. We must keep the carpool line moving! Thank you.

Let’s remember Lent is a season for soul searching and repentance. In our class we are observing a quiet lunch time on Fridays. This is a way to sacrifice and show our love for Jesus Christ as we journey in our Religion studies towards his Crucifixion and Death on the cross.

Prayer: This week we are praying for all the Catholic Schools especially Holy Rosary and for all the families, children and teachers.

Curriculum News:

Science. Weather and changes in Spring is our theme this week. We will review the different types of weather and we will talk about clouds/nubes. Also Let’s Find Out/Mi Weekly Reader will introduce Cinco Patitos. Science Standard: animal behavior and life cycle.

Math: Review of spatial relationships and children will be tracing the number 8.

Religion: We will read the Bible stories of “Jesús Chooses Helpers” and “Jesus Rides into Jerusalem.” Also we will talk about “St. Patrick’s Favorite Saint of the Irish.” We would like to provide the children with a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Teachers will bring lime sherbet and 7 Up to make a green ice cream float for them.

Estrellita Phonics: Review all letter sounds to begin the lesson. The letters D,d is our focus for this week. Children will learn new words that begin with these consonant sounds. Children will be tracing and writing the letter forms and learning songs related to the letter sounds.

We hope you have a very nice weekend.


Sra. Raquel L., Sra. Farías and Sra. Laura P.