The Pointless War by: Ethan Rummel

Cause of the War

The war of 1812 was a war of no meaning neither side gained anything of this war, but both sides lost. This war was pushed by several incidents that ultimately drove James madison into declaring war

  1. One of the many situations that America faced was impressment, the kidnapping of American sailors and forced them to work on British ships, this was most likely the biggest reason the war was declared. The British king soon made impressment illegal, right as James madison declared war
  2. Manifest destiny- the God-given right to move to the west, many saw America as an opportunity to move west ever since the colonial days, And people still want to, Americans desire for new land drove them into war
  3. The native Americans got Britsih support in American "invasion", British supplied them with guns and ammunition
  4. The war hawks desperately wanted war, they Believed it was the only possible way to one day have peace with Britan, they pushed James madison, with all the prior events

imoacts of the war of 1812

1) the war of 1812 gave America a giant boost in Increasing American patriotism, and showed the rest of the world we aren't joking around, and can handle ourselves
2) after the war the British just left the natives all alone and basically wished them luck, this war Weakened Native Americans resistance.
3) Because we took on the British army a super-army, the rest of the world finally saw America saw us as a trading haven, because of this U.S. manufacturing grew.

Andrew Jackson

Jackson had many important scenes in the war of 1812.

during the war, Andrew was appointed a major general.

Jackson commanded at the battle of new Orleans, securing the city and earning the title of the "hero of new orleans