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Process to Use Windows 10 Efficiently and Support

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Windows operating system is used all over the world by billions of people. And presently, the users are getting a first-of-its-class experience with the latest Windows 10 OS on different devices. By this, one can get the new innovative experience because of the advanced technology associated. Windows 10 not only came on PC but it also came on Xbox one and the Windows phone. An important advantage of windows 10 is better synchronization the moment you shift seamlessly on the gadgets having the architecture based on the new universal apps.

Other exciting characteristics associated with the Windows 10 operating system are Action Center, Microsoft edge, Cortana, more of [added] Xbox live features and also the coming back of Start Menu. As per Microsoft, this is an operating system nearing perfection and operates with a fine behavior.

Other benefit is it is a free update. You are fortunate enough to get the Windows Canada Support in case you need it regarding its operation or the installation or complete understanding. You can access independent services in all conditions – be it technical problem or understanding some key features.

Procedure to use Windows 10:

You have to first of all understand new start menu. On the left side, it will show places displaying the locations in the PC. You open, on a regular basis, the most used Apps. Other are the recently added displaying the new applications. Then it is ALL APPS and this is for viewing all the applications that are installed in device.

You need to make the start menu full screen:

You can find the start menu on the top right corner and further you can see a resize button. Because of this button, the menu can be expanded full screen so that you can witness all displayed applications in an easy manner. Go to the star menu and pin the apps that are in your favorite list. You need to go to the app list and then can make a right click on the apps and further choose Pin to Start. Alternately, Windows Canada Technical Support can be provided by a reliable independent service provider in case required by the user.

Move the applications around:

In the start menu, you can push the applications around and then transfer them into the folders by hovering and this you need to do till the emergence of a divider bar. After this, you can add the particular name to the folder.

Finding the stuff in an express way-

You can tap on the start and next; enter the item you need to search. The search button is similar to Cortana but one thing is there about Cortana; it can be activated by the help of voice. It makes the use of the same search box. Windows 10 makes the internet search as well as the search of the PC. It does both of these process at one and the same time. For any further enquiry regarding this, you can also make the use of Windows Canada Help in case you feel so.

On the top right corner of start menu, you can find the onscreen power button because this button has shifted to that point. You also have the option to right click on the start button and after this; can choose the option that is correct. This you have to do from the second to the last option located beneath the context menu/list. This is a temporary fix option in case you have not chosen the Nov 2015 update of Windows 10.

Installation of the applications:

You should have the complete knowledge and understanding of the Windows store. Such an application in the store located on the Windows 10 brings a vivid experience on the gadgets operating on Windows. There are thousands of apps from which you can download. By the end of the day, it is going to lead you to the productiveness.

Using the applications-

You can move to the App list and find the applications or you can trace it under recent in Start menu. Once the application is got, there will be an auto free update for it. You need to multitask with the help of windows 10 and can do this by dragging app to corners or sides. You can also call on Windows 10 customer support helpline number if required. Windows 10 is a powerful operating system and is creating waves all across world because of the features associated with it.

Discovery of the applications:

From the task bar or the start menu, you can open the store and then browse. You can find the applications by the use of search bar or can witness the featured categories. For this, you can have the Microsoft account logged in and account has to be active. The PC should have the present date set.

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