Mashburn Minutes

Mashburn Elementary Jan 9, 2015

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Mashburn Spotlight!!!

Mrs. Jones' Bear Necessities Group, along with some assistance from Mr. Anderson, created a weather jingle before Christmas break and WON the Ga PBS contest! The link to the news article is Here is the link to the jingle!

Here is an email quote I got from a fellow teacher this week.. "Carol Fort is always smiling! Whether it be walking down the hallway, speaking on the microphone in the lunch room, or working with the kids, she uses a calm pleasant tone and is always positive! And wait until you see her passion day costume for next Friday! She always brings her A game!" Way to ROCK IT Carol!!!

What's coming up! (please share relevant dates with your parents)

Jan 9th - House meeting (visitors here)

Jan 12th - PLC Meeting, 3rd-5th student health surveys window opens

Jan 16th - Passion Day

Jan 19th - No School - MLK day

Jan 20th - 100th day of school, PTA meeting 8:45 am and ceiling tile project 6:00

Jan 26th - PLC

Feb 2nd - School Counselors week, Faculty Meeting

Feb 13th - iLove writing day

Mar 2nd - Dr. Seuss' Bday

Mar 13th - New date for Denim and Diamonds

May 20th - Beach Day

Your New Years Resolution

Do you have a resolution for this year? I do- I want to work on APPRECIATION. I told you that you would hear more that this word in the last newsletter. I want to be thankful for all I have and I want to show more appreciation for those around me. One way I am keeping myself accountable is my sending myself an email once a month to "check in" on myself. You should try it - . You just type in what you want and set the email to send when you want it. It's that simple! What's your ONE word and goal for this year?

Walk-Throughs are under way

As we begin a new round of TKES walk throughs (these are the 10 minutes observations), we will be looking at standards 3 and 4. These are Instructional Strategies and Differentiation. A great resource are the TKES Fact Sheets located in the TKES platform.


Here is a brief overview from the TKES quick fact sheet. These are the big picture thoughts of instructional delivery. How do you target each of these areas? Think about ways in which you touch on each of these in your lessons? Now really think about noticing each time you do this - be intentional about it - and see if you can identify areas of strength or growth.


• Use multiple instructional materials, activities, strategies, and assessment techniques to meet students’ needs and maximize the learning of all.

Varying Strategies:
• Implement a variety of classroom techniques and strategies that enhance student motivation and decrease discipline problems.

Cognitive Challenge:
• Provide in-depth explanations of academic content and cover higher-

order concepts and skills thoroughly.

Student Engagement:

• Be supportive and persistent in keeping students on task and encouraging them to actively integrate new information with prior learning.

Recognizing patterns of student learning and adjust:

• Recognize the schema or pattern in student learning, make inferences about the situation (such as identifying the difficulties the students are having), and promptly adjust the materials, learning activities, and assessment techniques to maximize student learning.

• Use multiple levels (particularly higher cognitive levels) of questioning to stimulate student thinking and monitor student learning.

• Ensure the learning process and the outcomes of learning have authentic relevance with students’ lives.