Biomedical Engineer

Alex Ebert


Biomedical engineering is about either genetically or mechanically helping people and solving problems for hospitals.

Education Required

Some helpful high school courses are Biology, Chemistry, Calculus.

You would need a Bachelors Degree in Biomedial Engineering

Costs of Education

If you were to go to UW Madison for one year you would spend a total of $20,236.00.

For the total time it would take to get the minimum degree it would cost $80,944.00.

This includes Housing for the amount of time in college with summers off


Gas money for traveling

Clothing money

Total tuition with summers off

Associations/Professional Organizations for the Career

The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, or the NIBIB

This organization has collaborative programs for different causes

There is also the American society for engineering education, or ASEE

This organization looks to teach others in different areas of engineering

Pros and Cons


You make a good amount of money starting out

You don't have to work odd hours

You get to help people


You may have to work on holidays

You may need additional schooling


Want a new career but want to help people in the process, and also pursue an engineering degree? Then being a bio-medical engineer is for you. You could make up to 120 thousand dollars per year. You will work in a perfectly cooled lab, and only need a Bachelors degree.