By: Sophia Panagiotopoulos

Region in Texas

The Coahuiltecans lived in the dry south Texas plains. (Coastal Plains)

Food & Obtaining

The Coahuiltecans were hunter gathers so they traved a lot and hunted small game as well a collecting small lizards, worms and eating fruit from plants. Another method that they used was scavenging for deer dung, and then checking it for any undigested seeds.

To obtain their food they would travel in small bands to follow their game. Often bison would venture into their hunting grounds, so they would also hunt big game.

Their houses & weapons

Traditions & Religon

  • When a ceremony happened children would get tattooed by the shaman.
  • Deaths were taken very serious and marriage could last up to 3 months
  • The Coahuilaecans didn't really have a religion that they followed

Organization of Government

The Coahuiltecans had a non- agriculture type government. They had no political groups above the families and the bands.

Present-day Location

The Coahuiltecans are to now be extinct after 1824 in San Antonio.

Fun Fact

The Coahuiltecans spoke many different different languages through out the tribe. Some of the languages were not understood by the rest of the tribe. The most used languages of the tribe are Comecrudo, Cotoname, Aranama, Solano, Sanan, and Coahuilteco.
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