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April 2023

As professionals, our approach to doing our jobs and interacting with others has been shaped by various factors. How we fight through adversity, seek solutions to problems, accept feedback from colleagues, celebrate successes, and praise others looks different from person to person throughout our district.

As I reflect on who I am as a leader and how I navigate through the obstacles of life, I understand and appreciate how I have been influenced by my faith, family, education, and athletics. Far too often, people fail to recognize their unique qualities, which can enhance an organization if properly applied, or they choose not to take pride in what they have become as the culmination of past experiences and lessons learned. I feel very fortunate to have had many terrific teachers inside and outside the classroom. One of the most important lessons I have learned, which serves me now, comes from my athletic background. Several outstanding coaches I have been influenced by taught me how powerful a group of people can become when working efficiently as a team to accomplish clearly defined goals. The iconic "The Team Speech" from the legendary Michigan Football Coach Bo Schembechler encapsulated the beauty of being part of a team. In the speech, Coach Schembechler discusses the joy one experiences when being part of something bigger than himself and the importance of making decisions based on the team's best interest when striving toward lofty goals.

I challenge you to think about what makes you unique and how your strengths as a member of the WWCS team can contribute to the district's success. I also encourage you to thank our coaches, club sponsors, and volunteers for the extracurricular offerings we provide our students, which enhance their educational experience.


Dr. Alex Ofili

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

"The Team Speech" - Bo Schembechler

Humanex --Talent Devlopment in WWCS

Earlier this year our HR department shared a district-wide survey to gather information to help enhance HR operations by identifying areas of strength and weakness throughout our organization. We thank everyone for their feedback and have started planning and implementing things to improve as a school district.

To revamp our onboarding process and to help identify the professional strengths of our personnel we have decided to partner with Humanex Ventures. We are in the early stages of creating our vision with Humanex; at this point members of their team have begun leadership development with WWCS Central Office administrators. Enjoy some of the pictures below as we begin our journey with Humanex.

WWCS Executive Cabinet with Humanex Leadership Team

HR Focus - Grow Your Own

There has been a lot of conversation regarding efforts across the country to increase the educator workforce. Here in Wayne-Westland, Dr. Dignan has proactively taken part and started leading conversations with our University partners, other school districts, and legislators on proactive ways we can build this workforce.

In Michigan, the Grow Your Own effort is currently focused on three pipelines:

  • High School Students- Creating pathways for high school students to enter and explore educational careers through Future Educator Programs.

  • Current Support Staff- Creating pathways to fast-track current support staff members to obtain their bachelor’s degree and teacher certification.

  • Current and Returning Teachers- Creating pathways for current teachers to obtain additional endorsements in a new discipline area and creating pathways for teachers to renew expired certifications and return to teaching.

Wayne-Westland will continue to strive to be at the forefront of the Grow Your Own work. Some successes we have already achieved include the following:

  • We named a recipient of the 2023 Future Proud Michigan Educator EXPLORE Grant to expand our Future Educator program.

  • We received seven openings in the Wayne RESA Paraprofessional to Teacher Cohort for Fall 2023.

As an HR department, we are excited to continue to support our current staff, fulfill personal and professional goals, and support our future students with talented, passionate educators!

HR Focus - Flex Saving vs. Health Savings Account

Here in the WWCS, we offer two different programs to eligible employees, a Flexible Spending or a Health Savings Account.

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is an employee benefit that allows you to set aside money, on a pre-tax basis, for certain health care and dependent care expenses. If you make an FSA election for the plan year during the current Federal Benefits Open Season (Plan Year November 1, 2022 - October 31, 2023), your election amount will be divided into allotments of 16 pays, November through May. Every pay date, an allotment is deposited directly into your FSA account. The primary disadvantage is that, typically, most FSA accounts have a “use or lose it” feature, which means you need to spend all of your FSA funds before the end of the plan’s year. If you fail to do so, you’ll forfeit your FSA funds.

For the 2022-2023 Plan year, FSA has a minimum benefit amount of $60, a max of $2.500 for unreimbursed health care, and a minimum of $5,000 per year for child care expenses.

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is an investment account available only to members enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan under the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. You have the option to make pre-tax contributions to the account. The funds in your HSA can be used to pay for your plan deductible and or qualified medical expenses that do not count toward your deductible. These accounts earn interest and roll over any remaining balance yearly. The funds are yours to keep whether you change plans, leave the district or retire. Withdrawals can also be used for non-medical expenses. However, it will be subject to income tax, and if you are under the age of 65, an additional 10% tax penalty. Unlike an FSA, with your HSA, you can contribute all year, start and stop or change your deductions during the plan year.

For HSA 2022-2023 plan year, the single person maximize you can contribute $3,850, and 2 or more persons/full family is $7,750.00

Activity Coordinators -- Unsung Heroes

Activity Coordinators are vital members of WWCS and play a key role in the success of our athletic programs. They function as athletic directors in elementary buildings and build lasting relationships with different members of our community, which help our programs thrive. They get the students on the teams, recruit coaches, communicate with parents, and ensure that practices and game day events run smoothly. We applaud the efforts of these unsung heroes and recognize their hard work to help enhance our athletic programs!
WWCS Athletic Coordinators

GEM Awards

Congratulations to our latest group of GEM Awards winners! We applaud their efforts to make WWCSD a great place for students. Please click on the link below to learn more about our award winners.

WWCS GEM Award Winners

WWCS GEM Award Nominees

Legal Focus - Discipline of Students With Disabilities

Throughout the year, we will focus on different educational law topics relevant to our daily work. The monthly resources will reinforce lessons highlighted by Kevin Sutton of Miller Johnson Attorneys, our legal counsel, and likely answer frequently asked school-related legal questions.
New Guidance For Educators On Discipline For Students With Disabilities, 504 Plans

HR Reminders & Updates

  • Any staff member who will be out of the school building for PD, field trips, conferences, etc. needs to enter their absences into Red Rover. If you have any questions, please see your Principal.

  • Remember, no contracted company or contractor can work with WWCSD until they have been cleared with Human Resources. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Jodi Schneider in Human Resources at ext. 2026.

  • Informational sessions regarding 403B, short/long term disability, HSA's, etc., are coming soon. If you would like to recommend other informational sessions, please notify Angelle Allen at ext. 2040.

  • Tax Withholding Forms--If you need to change your tax withholdings, click here for Form W-4 Federal Withholding and click here for Form MI-W4 Michigan Withholding. Please note we cannot assist or offer guidance with his/her withholding selections.

Leader Spotlight - Justin Monit

As a district, we are fortunate to be led by a highly talented group of leaders! Each month, we will spotlight one district leader and share their exceptional contributions to impact WWCS positively.

Name: Justin Monit

Title: Security Systems/Technology Infrastructure Coordinator

Did You Know: Justin is a Wayne Memorial High School graduate and has been happily married to his wife, Danielle, since 2009. They share one daughter, Madilynn, a fifth grader at PD Graham. They also have three dogs~Sophie, Henry, Lucy, and one Cat~ Astro. When Justin was just two years old, he was a patient on U of M's survival flight helicopter while experiencing a severe round of epiglottitis. He was part of the research that went into developing the HIB vaccine that most children now receive at a young age to prevent epiglottitis. Justin remains fascinated with helicopters to this day. Justin enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with his wife and daughter. Justin has had a passion for the technical side of theatrical productions since high school and still works

with the theater group at Wayne Memorial.

Noteworthy Contribution: Justin is one of the many leaders who work extremely hard behind the scenes to keep our district running smoothly. His colleagues highly respect him because of his "can-do spirit" and attention to detail in daily duties. Justin is described as a "proud homegrown Wayne-Westland leader who goes above and beyond to help anyone, even if the job is outside his normal daily responsibilities!"

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