Helping Dogs

Contact 106 Hope Trace Way if help needed

Have a Dog?

Ever need help walking a dog, well, we are just the right kids to do it! We are 11 and 10 years old and both have a dog our self! TO CONTACT: Ring 106's doorbell. But, if the time does make it impossible to do t, or, if we are not there (Rarely, but we will not service your dog on 9/27/2014.) We are sorry for inconvenience. Our Dog Walking program is 0.50$ per dog. On some special occasions, we will cut our price 50% of overall. We will appreciate it you have a dollar to pay! (We will exchange change)

When will you walk our dog?

We will walk it at 4:00 PM on Friday and Sunday night, or at noon THROUGH 4:00 on Saturday. We accept all kinds of dogs. But, they do have to be on a leash, have no biting problems, or rabies. (Har, Har.) We also will help let them use the restroom. (With your permission.)

106 Hope Trace Way


NOTICE: You need too tell us where your house is so we can return your dog after 10-15 min. Easy right?!




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