David Shulick

David Shulick: Exceeding Expectations

David Shulick: Complex Civil Matters

David Shulick is a graduate of Temple University Law School, and practices law in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, New Jersey, Delaware and New York. He also holds a degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Delaware. He was the Assistant General Counsel at Orleans Development Company and Cantor Management, both in the residential and commercial real estate development and management business. David Shulick has also successfully litigated many complex civil matters to verdict.

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David Shulick: Protecting Consumer Rights

The law is a wide and varied field, containing so many aspects and categories that an attorney may spend his/her entire career trying to absorb and learn everything there is to know. There are so many legal categories, in fact, that it often becomes difficult for the average person to know when their rights and/or interests have been violated. David Shulick, an experienced class action attorney, takes the rights of the consumer, as well as the preservation of good business practices, very seriously, and fights for the rights of his clients with passion, diligence and tenacity.

As a class action attorney, David Shulick works to represent both individuals and consumer groups who are suing a company who delivered an inadequate or dangerous good or service to consumer. Passionate about the protection of consumer rights, Shulick has committed a substantial portion of his career to this pursuit, and has consistently made business accountability his number one priority. A longtime protector of the people, it is Shulick’s ultimate objective to ensure that all consumers are treated fairly and with the respect they deserve. Shulick pursues justice for people harmed or wronged by both businesses and powerful corporations, and continues to demonstrate an unwavering dedication to aggressively advocating for every client’s and consumer’s rights.

David Shulick aims to return a sense of justice and fairness to the people wronged or damaged by deceptive or harmful business practices. Guided by a strong moral fiber and dedicated to the consumer, Shulick works hard to ensure every client has the best defense possible.

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David Shulick: Lineage of an Educator

It is no mystery that David Shulick has a passion for institutions of learning. Both his mother and father were well known in education circles. There David Shulick speaks of the atrocious conditions high school students are expected to endure while furthering their education. The long standing structures of the community’s high schools were in dire need of rebuilding, thus David created the Judith B. Shulick Alternative Education Center for ‘at risk’ youth, and authored several publications about how critical learning environments were for students and faculty.

David Shulick himself has devoted a considerable amount of his free time and fianances to financial causes to help at risk students. in several communities. He has created software to increase academic accountability, and David Shulick best represents this advocacy in an opinion article he wrote in the Main Line Times Newspaper, among others.

In naming the Education Center in memory of his mother, David Shulick is continuing his effort to honor her. "While completing my Bachelor of Science Degree in 1991," he says today, "my beloved mother, Judith B. Shulick, was tragically killed in an automobile accident when three ‘at risk' students from George Washington High School were speeding, and broadsided the vehicle she was traveling in."

David Shulick also donated and built a playground in his mother's memory. He is also a benefactor of the USC Shoah Foundation in memory of Judith B. Shulick. The USC Shoah Foundation is "dedicated to making audio-visual interviews with survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides a compelling voice for education and action.

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David Shulick: Case Profile BMW

David Shulick has a multitude of high profile cases under his belt, ones that he has accumulated over his near twenty years of experience in the field. David Shulick’s mission is, and has always been, to protect the rights of consumers against businesses who would attempt to deceive their customers. No case quite demonstrates the success David Shulick has had with this mission quite like the case he had against BMW, the German automotive company.

BMW was charged with a class action consumer fraud suit after it was discovered that three of its vehicles contained transmissions that were actually manufactured by General Motors. David Shulick filed for the motion on behalf of a Philadelphia woman who was both shock and angered that one of the most important components of her new BMW vehicle was not actually manufactured by the company. The woman simply felt deceived.

When David Shulick did further investigating, he uncovered that BMW deceived several of their customers. In many BMW brochures, the automaker made specific claims to their manufactured transmissions being superior to other companies, GM among them. If this evidence was not condemning enough, David Shulick also located several advertisements boasting about the heritage that existed with a BMW engine and transmission that was exclusive to BMW. David Shulick helped bring these acts of misrepresentation to the eye of the public. Cases similar to this one are precisely why David Shulick chose a career in law. He wished to be a bringer of justice and a defender of the people.

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David Shulick: Case Profile CVS

Over the years, David Shulick has represented a number of both companies and individuals in the fight for justice. Few fights you will find better exemplify David's talent and ardency than in the case Patterson vs CVS. In 2001, David Shulick, on behalf of his client, Glen Patterson, when he filed a motion to sanction CVS for failing to disclose discovery, again making front page news.

After a football injury, Glen Patterson was prescribed Coumadin by his doctor. Coumadin is an anti-clotting agent used to thin the blood, as Patterson's doctor noted that Glen had a higher likelihood to form clots. Upon receiving his prescription, Mr. Patterson began filling out the prescription at CVS, a popular drug store. On one of his multiple refills, Mr. Patterson noticed that the Coumadin pills the pharmacist gave him had taken on a peculiar shape. When the pharmacist was questioned by Patterson about this issue, the pharmacist assured him they were the correct pills.

Several days later, Mr. Patterson became incapacitated by a serious blood clot, and was admitted to the hospital. There the clot caused severe damage to his left leg, forcing the doctors to amputate it. It was then that Mr. Patterson was informed that the pills given to him by CVS were not Coumadin, but a pill designed for anxiety. Because of CVS's obvious incompetence, and the pain suffered by Mr. Patterson, David Shulick successfully sued CVS, and they were sanctioned and thereaftere paid all necessary reparations for Mr. Patterson's undue pain and suffering.

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David Shulick: Class Action Law Suits

There are many categories of law, so much so that attorneys often spend a lifetime attempting to learn them all. This means that the average person sometimes isn't even aware that one of the laws upholding their rights are being violated. This is where David Shulick comes in, who is an avid practitioner of class action law suits.

For those of you that don't know, a class action law suit is where an individual or a group of people sue another group. Typically, this term is usually referring to an individual or group of consumers suing a company or business whose service was dangerous or inadequate for one reason or the other. This is largely a U.S. Practice, as both the United States, and David Shulick take very serious the preservation of good business practice as well as the rights of the consumer. It is this strong moral fiber that has allowed Shulick to excel in all aspects of his life.

David Shulick has dedicated the majority of his 15 year career to assuring that consumers of all services are treated with the respect they deserve. It is David's highest priority to assure that business practices deliver promptly and properly all the services requested. David is a protector of the people, and serves as a shield against the powerful corporations that's behavior would otherwise go unchecked. David helps to tip the scales of justice back into the favor of the individual or group that deserves it. It is this principle alone that he owes all of his success to.

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David Shulick: The Man Behind the Suit

David Shulick has been practicing law and litigation for more than fifteen years. In this time period he has been associated with some of the most high profile business and property cases around. David Shulick has used his extensive experience and knowledge in the field of commercial, contract, residential, and real estate law to help both businesses and individuals get all of the justice they deserve.

David Shulick has become a revered and respected name in his field. David not only seeks justice for his clients, but for society as a whole. David Shulick understands that ethics and a strong moral fiber are of the utmost importance for any who study or practice law.

David Shulick practices most of his law in litigation, class action, commercial, employment, consumer, and personal injury. This means that David upholds the delicate balance between employers, and employees, and works to assure that business is conducted fairly, and effectively. If someone is hurt while using a business’s services for example, sometimes law is unclear as to who is at fault. Also, many big businesses have a big advantage when it comes to this kinds of litigation. This is where David Shulick comes in, to assure that the individual and their families medical or other expenses are taken care of, and it is Shulick's personal mission to assure these things. This is why David Shulick remains in his selected field, because it is the most rewarding.

David Shulick attended Temple University Law School, and received honors and awards when he graduated in 1994

David Shulick: Nationally Known

David Shulick is a nationally known attorney based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he specializes in civil litigation of all types. He is the owner and counsel at Shulick Law, where he also provides legal services for individuals, executives and corporations across a variety of business and legal sectors.

David Shulick was involved in mentally gifted programs from the time that he was in the third grade, all the way through George Washington High School in Philadelphia, where he graduated with honors in 1987. The mentally gifted programs were for students with IQs that exceeded 140.

One of the defining events of David Shulick's life was the death of his Mother, Judith, in an automobile accident when he was twenty-one years old. "Three ‘at risk' students from George Washington High School were speeding, and broadsided the vehicle she was traveling in," David Shulick recalls. "This experience shaped my life and career in many unique ways, [instilling] the passion for making the most out of every opportunity I am presented with given life's unpredictability and potentially short time span."

The tragedy occurred as he was completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Delaware, and was preparing to enter the Temple University law school. "I did not defer entering Temple University Law School and commenced full time day coursework in September, 1991." He still managed to graduate from Temple with honors and awards in 1994, and pass the bar exams in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey on the first try. He became an associate counsel at a Philadelphia firm in January 1995.

Today, Shulick Law serves as litigation and/or corporate counsel to numerous well-known corporations in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area and Southern New Jersey.

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David Shulick: Civil Litigation

David Shulick is the owner and Counsel of Shulick Law, where he specializes in civil litigation. He has been practicing law since 1995, when he joined the firm of Cohen and Huntington as an associate counsel, not long after passing the bar exams in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

David Shulick stayed at Cohen and Huntington for about a year before joining the firm of Frank and Rosen, a boutique firm in Philadelphia's Center City, where he was also an associate counsel. During his time at Frank and Rosen, David Shulick distinguished himself by chairing the firm's litigation department at the age of twenty-eight. He also filed and/or defended countless personal injury, medical malpractice, commercial litigation legal malpractice matters.

Through strategic networking, David Shulick filed and/or litigated with other Counsel multiple class action lawsuits in the areas of labor relations, consumer protection, antitrust and securities in various State and Federal Courts around the nation.

"In or around 1999," David Shulick says today, "one of my longstanding corporate Clients at Frank & Rosen asked me to assume the role as in-house counsel, and offered me the unique opportunity to also build and grow my private law practice.

This led to an extensive amount of corporate, civic and gubernatorial involvement, bi-partisan political involvement, and governmental service, wherein I helped to draft regulations, volunteered for various governmental agencies, and worked extensively with many local communities, civic groups, and other community-based organizations."

He also founded Shulick Law in the summer of 1999. As the owner and counsel of Shulick Law, David Shulick specializes in Civil Litigation (Personal Injury, Class Action, Commercial Litigation, Malpractice Litigation and Employment Litigation, as well as serving as corporate and/or employment counsel.

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David Shulick: Commercial Litigation

David Shulick has been practicing law for nearly twenty years, and for most of that time has been the owner and lead counsel of his own firm.

David Shulick is a 1994 graduate of Temple University law school, and began to practice law in 1995. The years since he started Shulick Law have been extremely busy and fruitful for the young attorney. "I served as in-house counsel and participated in various real estate projects, commercial and residential, served on the Board of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers as one of its youngest members, [and] served on the Board of Operation Understanding, in addition to performing many other civic duties" he says.

David Shulick has also been a Senate Club Member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, America's pro-Israel lobby that seeks to strengthen, protect and promote the United States and Israel’s relationship in ways that enhance the security of both countries.

"In addition to my in-house corporate, business and real estate experience," David Shulick says, "I have successfully litigated many complex civil matters to verdict, settlement and otherwise."

During the course of his career, David Shulick has also actively participated in the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, the Main Line Chamber of Commerce, several Bar Associations, and a host of other civic causes and business related organizations.

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David Shulick: Branching Out

David Shulick is an accomplished attorney who currently lives and practices law in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania metropolitan area. He is a 1994 graduate of the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University, and a 1991 graduate of the University of Delaware, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance.

David Shulick passed the bar exams in Pennsylvania and New Jersey on the very first round, and joined the law firm of Cohen and Huntington in January 1995. The firm specialized in Construction litigation and Real Estate law, and after bringing in substantial litigation business, David Shulick left the firm after approximately one year, joining Frank and Rosen (now Alan Frank and Associates), allowing him to broaden his experience and client base, by focusing on personal injury, commercial, class action and employment litigation, and corporate law.

His time at Frank and Rosen were important years in David Shulick's development as a lawyer, and also in his earning capacity. "I earned more than five times my base salary given my 20% cut of self-generated hourly business generated, and 33% cut of self-generated contingent and hourly fee business brought to the Firm," he recalls. "I also chaired the Firm's litigation department at the age of 28, and filed and/or defended countless personal injury, medical malpractice, commercial litigation and/or legal malpractice matters."

By 1999 David Shulick was ready to branch out on his own, and he established Shulick Law in Philadelphia that summer. "I built Shulick Law solely through client referrals and word of mouth," he says. "Since August 1999, I served as lead counsel providing litigation, litigation management, outside-counsel management and related services. I also served as in-house corporate counsel to companies and countless business Clients of the Firm."

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David Shulick: A Tragic Event

David Shulick has many years of experience as a practicing attorney. He established his own firm, Shulick Law, in Philadelphia in 1999, and in the years since has specialized in Civil Litigation, Corporate Counsel and related services.

Before establishing Shulick Law, David Shulick was an associate counsel at Cohen and Huntington, which focused on Construction Litigation and Real Estate law. He was also an associate counsel at Frank and Rosen, now Alan Frank and Associates, which focused on Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, and Corporate Law.

David Shulick is a graduate of the University of Delaware, where he received a degree in Accounting and Finance. But before he graduated, David Shulick was confronted with a tragic and shocking event. "While completing my Bachelor of Science Degree in 1991," he recalls, "my beloved mother, Judith B. Shulick, was tragically killed in an automobile accident when three ‘at risk' students from George Washington High School were speeding, and broadsided the vehicle she was traveling in."

This devastating turn of events shaped the life and career of David Shulick in many unique ways. Most significantly, it instilled in him a passion for making the most out of every opportunity he is presented with in life, and an appreciation for the unpredictability and potentially short time span that we all have during our time on earth. "At every employment position, clerkship and otherwise, I have out-performed my personal goals and the goals of my employer," he says, in acknowledging the commitment and determination he has had since his Mother's death.

In the years since, David Shulick donated significant funds to build or renovate playgrounds in Philadelphia and elsewhere in his mother's memory. He is also a benefactor of the U.S.C. Shoah Foundation in memory of Judith B. Shulick. The U.S.C. Shoah Foundation is "dedicated to making audio-visual interviews with survivors and witnesses of genocides, and is a compelling voice for education and action."

David Shulick - Over 15 Years of Legal Experience

David Shulick has been a practicing legal professional for more than 15 years, and has dedicated his career, and his life, to the defense and protection of both people and groups harmed and/or wronged by deceptive and damaging business practices. A respected and well known class action attorney, and civil litigation attorney, Shulick has accumulated an extensive amount of knowledge, expertise and experience in the fields of personal injury, contract, commercial, residential and real estate law. He has consistently put this experience to good use in the passionate representation and defense of the numerous clients he has served.

David Shulick’s ultimate goal is not only justice for the individual client, but for society as a whole, one reason he dedicates himself to the most passionate, effective and comprehensive representation in every case. Shulick seeks justice for everyone he serves, as well as for the businesses and powerful corporations that deceive and pose harm to the American public.

A graduate of Temple University Law School, where he graduated with honors from in 1994, David Shulick focuses his practice in the areas of litigation, class action, employment, consumer, commercial and personal injury. Shulick works to uphold the often delicate balance between employees and their employers, and to keep business operating both effectively and fairly for the consumer. He understands that businesses are often at a significant advantage when it comes to legal representation and litigation, which is why he works to assure people and their families that their rights, and their reparations, will be pursued tirelessly and without fail.

David Shulick - History

Born in 1969, professional attorney David Shulick has gone above and beyond expectations his entire life, having demonstrated not only an exceptional level of intelligence, but also the will and desire to work hard and persevere no matter what came his way. Determined by teachers to be intellectually gifted child at an early age, Shulick has consistently relied on his intelligence, passion and desire to do the right thing to be of consistently superior service to his clients.

David Shulick graduated high school with honors, after which he enrolled at the University of Delaware. Following his Delaware graduation in 1991, Shulick enrolled at the acclaimed Temple University School of Law, impressing both his colleagues and his professors with his work ethic, self-discipline and perseverance. Always in the pursuit of academic excellence, he was awarded the Distinguished Class Performance Award, primarily for the demonstration of outstanding oral competency and analytical ability. He also bested many of his peers as a participant in numerous Moot Court Program competitions.

Tragically, David Shulick lost his mother to a car accident during his undergraduate tenure at the University of Delaware, an event that, though a sad time in Shulick’s life, taught him an important life lesson: No One is Promised Tomorrow. Instead of letting the incident consume his life and take control over where he was going, Shulick asserted himself, using the tragedy, rather, as inspiration to push forward, persevere and face every challenge as if it were his last.

Shulick is now a successful corporate and litigation attorney, always ardently in pursuit of justice for his clients and for society.