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Large Group Speech Competition at Valley

Valley High School has been a major player in the past couple years. In the 2014-15 season Valley won 6 of the 9 overall Critic's Choice awards. Reader's Theatre, Solo Mime, One-Act Play, TV News, as well as Group Improvisation all won their respective banners at the All-State Festival. Valley also won the E. Wayne Cooley award, given to the school with the most events in the All-State Festival overall, this is the 11th time that Valley has won the E. Wayne Cooley award in the past 13 years.

For more info on Valley's past and present IHSSA performances check out the West Des Moines Community Schools website here:

Group Mime

Group mime consists of 2 to 6 people who perform up to a 7 minute performance or "skit" using only bodily movements and facial expression. Background music (without the use of lyrics) is allowed to be played during the performance. No costuming or props allowed except for chairs can be used during the performance.

Choral Reading

Also known as voice choir, a the group members recite a work from a script, whether they are in unison or not; movements and voice changes are used for effect. Up to fifteen performers are allowed to participate.

Readers Theater

A group of up to fifteen students performers a presentation of a work, read from a script; there are no props allowed besides chairs or blocks.

Group Improvisational Acting

A group ranging from 2-5 people choose one topic from a list of three, and are given two minutes to prepare a scene lasting five minutes or less.

Musical Theater

A group of 2-6 students performs a series of selections or songs from a musical play, background music is acceptable to be provided.

Radio News Broadcasting

A radio broadcast is prepared in advance to the performance date by a group of 2-8 students and is played for judging. Similarly to the video based competition, the broadcast includes news, weather reports, and commercials.

One Act Play

A group performs one of two pieces. Either one act from a longer play, or a whole play consisting of only one act. No limits are placed on the cast size or amount of scene changes.

Television News Broadcasting

A video broadcast is prepared in advance to the performance date by a group of 2-15 students, and is displayed for judging. The video includes sections on news, weather, and commercials.

Short Film

A film under five minutes is prepared before the date of the contest. The film can be of any genre, from comedy to action, as long as it meets the specified time requirements. This event can involve as many as fifteen students.

To see last years short film watch it here:

Ensemble Acting

Any type of acting scene requiring any number from 2-6 students. No costuming or props are allowed except for chairs and a table.

E. Wayne Cooley Banner

The E. Wayne Cooley Banner is awarded to the school with the most events invited to the All-State festival held at Iowa State University.

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