Animals That Are Euthanized

By: Eva H.


You want to help animals? well first you need to know why and how. I will tell you what they do to put them down and what happens to them but only if you are willing to know. You could even get a little of what I think and see if you agree, if not you could compare the differences.
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What Happens When Animals are put to Sleep?

In the United States, vets use several common euthanasia to put down animals. The primary ingredient is phenobarbital, this ingredient is fatal in high doses. The effect of the euthanasia is injected into a vein that helps the animal die rapidly and with no pain involved. When the brain shuts down, you know he or she is dead. There might be some residual muscle tone and activity that has it where the animal will kick and thrash, urination, defecation or even a ‘’last gasp’’ breath. A veterinarian at the pound or shelter will carefully listen to the animal’s heart to make sure the animal is dead.

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What Does It Mean To Have A Animal Put Down

The veterinarian put’s the animal to sleep with euthanasia, or humanely killing the animal that has been there too long. A veterinarian is the one who puts the animals to sleep for medical reasons such as terminally ill, uncontrollable pain, or loss of quality of life. Some people don't want the animals that are put down. Having an animal put down means to humanly put them to sleep by euthanize them, when they get to the point where their life is a quality of 0 or at least near it. This is called an act of loving mercy in a case of pets. Euthanize is another word for ''put to sleep.''

How Many Animals Are Euthanized Every Year

At least 3.5 million animals have been euthanized in the U.S.A (the United States of America) in 2008. Guess how many were euthanized last year, 2,454-3,369 animals in 2014 in Virginia, a state in our country. The more animals that are euthanized the more animals don’t have a long life and these animals need to have a life like ours a full happy life. About 2,700 animals are being put down so we need to go help these old or even young sad animals. All animals should always be happy like how we are when we get to meet a new friend.

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How And Why You Should Help

You should help those animals by adopting and spreading news of adopting one of those animals. This is not only our word but it is the animal’s world to and killing them doesn’t help, it only makes others hurt inside. Help them by adopting bigger dogs that are older and are about to be euthanized. When you help you are making the pets and others happy, you are making yourself proud that you are helping. If you want to help these animals then do it, no one is here to stop you and what you do to help them will make you proud.
I'll Stand By You~Shelter Animals


Do you want to help well you now know how so go out and help animals near you get a wonderful life like ours. Go out and let their dreams come true like you want yours to come true and help them like you would your best friend.