Monday Memo

Week #9 - October 20, 2015

Almost the whole crew....

There is at least one turkey in a group...and no, it isn't Pat! :)

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Do you see it?! Gooble-Gobble!

THIS WEEK - dates to note:

Tuesday, October 20

  • Upper Students to Merry Lea ALL DAY
  • Lower Soccer Shots 3:45-4:25
  • Midnight deadline for November lunches!

Wednesday, October 21

  • Basketball practice begins 4:15-6:00 in Auburn
  • Pay it Forward Club - Green Farmhouse
  • Midnight deadline for Scholastic Book orders

Thursday, October 22

  • Lower Team Meeting 2:15-3:00
  • Chess Club - Green Farmhouse
  • Primary Team Meeting 3:35-4:30

Friday, October 23

  • 1:00 - 1:45 Fort Wayne Youth Theater @ Arts Center
  • DEADLINE to let Sarah S-C if you want a FREE flu shot!

FREE Faculty Flu Shots :)

We are offering flu shots to faculty on Tuesday, Oct. 27th from 7:45 am to 8:45 am in the Victorian Farmhouse Conference Room.

If you would like a flu shot, please let Sarah Shanton-Cox know on or before Friday, Oct. 23rd to ensure that we have enough supply. (We will not be offering the FluMist this year.)

Here's to a healthy and happy school year!

Acknowledgements from Megan

A Special "Hoozah!" to the MS Team

Did you know how much our middle school team pours into their work with students? Catch a pic of them from their trip last week at Camp Tecumseh. Imagine 27 teenagers, late nights, cool temps, shower sharing, tooth brushing debates, smelly socks, and 24/7 supervision away from family and the comforts of home...Wow, are we lucky to have them! They provided an incredible community building experience for our middle schoolers. THANK YOU!

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Calling Attendance - update & clarification

During this transition time at the front desk, we ask that Lower & Upper attendance be called in each morning to extension 1000 by a teacher. Deadline to call is 10:00 each morning.

Please remember that we are needing the name of the child/ren who are absent as well as a reason if known - many times parents contact the teachers rather than calling the school directly. Thank you for your help with this!

Feed the Teachers

We have tried a few different things in the past on Conference Days - we have...

  1. done nothing
  2. Had lots of food delivered to one spot where all had to come get it
  3. Had small amounts of food at each building
  4. Had lunch on one day only
  5. Had pizzas delivered to the various buildings

All of these were nice (well, not #1 so much) but also created added a level of chaos that wasn't really needed on an already busy day. So - this year, Macy has asked parents to try something different.... are you ready for it?!

Each classroom teacher/assistant will have a sack lunch prepared especially for them for BOTH conference days by a parent and delivered to them. You will also be getting a healthy snack for you to enjoy too!


If you have any dietary needs, please email Macy ASAP so she can be sure to let the parents know what you need/don't need!

Faculty Childcare for Conferences

Please email Macy by Wednesday, October 21 if you are needing childcare during conferences. If she does not hear from you by that time, there may not be a space available!

We have childcare available on:

  • Thursday, Oct 29 from 10:30-4:00
  • Friday, Oct 30 from 8:00 - 4:15

*please note that you may have to step away from your conference to allow you time to pick up your child/ren by 4:15. Once the schedule is set, I will be sure to share with you who is providing childcare. Thank you!

Clubs start THIS WEEK!

Below are the clubs & the club members:


Primary: Soccer Shots (list shared with teachers last week)

Upper & Middle School: Yearbook at Middle or Upper (?)

  1. Emma Coville
  2. Haley Beck
  3. Mia DePriest
  4. Jacob Gump
  5. Gabe Katich
  6. Isabella Allen
  7. Kaitlin Traylor
  8. Hannah Albright
  9. Cassidy Clark
  10. Taylor Zacharias
  11. Gena Lautzenhiser
  12. Sofia Mulholland


Lower: Soccer Shots (list shared with teachers last week)


Kindergarten & Lower: Pay it Forward Club in the Green Farmhouse

  1. Erickson Dietsch
  2. Jaxton Routsong
  3. Grace Hale
  4. Alivia Miller
  5. Evan Baker
  6. Tyler Ekovich
  7. Charlie Brubaker (please have Charlie ride the bus to Lower at the end of the day Wednesday)
  8. Charlie McNaughton


Kindergarten & Lower: Chess Club in the Green Farmhouse

  1. Arha Kureti (will walk over to GFH with faculty member)
  2. Hazel Starr (will walk over to GFH with faculty member)
  3. Carter Cox
  4. Afton McGinnis
  5. Isaac Allen
  6. Emmanuel Anderson
  7. Cilicia Anderson
  8. Ben Deam
  9. Elijah Lemanski
  10. Isaiah Lemanski
  11. Derek Hale
  12. Anika Thiyag
  13. Tyler Ekovich
  14. Noah Bowser

Speaking of Clubs.....

Napoleon Dynamite - Happy Hands Club [HD]