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This “Thanksgiving Carol” was written by one of our student’s, Dan Schull. Dan Thompson has been working with Dan to help him type more songs on his laptop using his NVDA screen reader. Thanks Dan for sharing your talents with us. We miss seeing you at the Educational Center! Enjoy!

Traditional Thanksgiving Carol

By Dan Schull

(To the Tune of Jingle Bells)

Thanksgiving time is here, and we've all got it made.

We spend all morning watching the Macy's big parade.

We wonder about the date, the confusion is because

The big Thanksgiving Day parade ends up with Santa Clause.


Turkey Day, Turkey Day, we will all give thanks.

Tomorrow we will run right out and empty out our banks.

Turkey Day, Turkey Day, eatin' til we drop.

We'll work it off tomorrow when we hit the mall to shop.

Dad's by the television, watching football games.

Mom's out in the kitchen, calling him vile names.

Soon it's time to carve, and daddy knows the trick.

He'll make us think he did it all when he ain't done a lick.


Turkey Day, Turkey Day, yams and cranberry sauce

If I keep on eating I'll be bigger than a hoss.

Turkey Day, Turkey Day, dressing and mince pie

I can't cram one more mouthful, I think I’m going to die.

Now the evening's come, and we're all sick as dogs.

It's time to open up the Christmas catalogs.

When we go out next day, the downtown's red and green.

Of course those decorations have been up since Halloween


Giving thanks, giving thanks, where's the cash in that?

So the pilgrim's beaten by the man in the bright red suit and hat,

Turkey Day, Turkey Day, tell me if I'm wrong.

Thanksgiving doesn't even have its own traditional song.

Copyright 2018 by Dan Schull

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Book Club Fridays

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December 11: Redbird Christmas

Participants read the book in advance of the meeting, so RSVP below or call Peggy at 217-303-9062 and we'll give you the details. Students suggest and agree on which books to read, so join us and add your voice to the mix. Books are provided by Talking Books and sent directly to your home.

Here are the Book Club titles for 2021. We hope you find at least one that sounds interesting and join us!

2021 Book Titles

January - Driving Miss Norma

February - President's Ladies

March - A Man Called Oveda

April - Things They Carried

May - Texas Rising

June - Lost Girls of Paris

July - The Art of Racing in the Rain

August - Sins of the Father (J.P. Beauman)

September - Where the Crawdads Sing

October - Wright Brothers

November - Boys in the Boat

December - Macinaw Island Inside Upclose and Personal

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Personalized Skill Development and​ Social Connections
for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Central Illinois
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