Dolphins : The Famous Mammal

By : Laura F. Period : 7

Down in the ocean, down in the water, you'll find a famous mammal. Dolphins are incredibly intelligent, they play a big role in the ecosystem, and a lot of people find them fascinating. Dolphins are extraordinary creatures.

This amazing animal averages at 2.5 to 3 feet and 25 to 40 pounds when they are born, then later doubling in size as they grow.

Dolphins have many things that help them survive. They are able to maintain body heat by having a protective coat called blubber. They travel in schools or groups just like fish, and feed on mullets, mackerel, herring, cod, and squid.

These creatures live just about anywhere in oceans, and some major rivers. But not all dolphins live in the same area. For example : The Pink Dolphin lives in the amazon river, while the Bottlenose Dolphin lives in the Pacific Ocean.

The largest dolphin is the Killer Whale ; Some females can live up to 90 years! People find these dolphins to be a little scary. While the Maui's dolphin is a subspecies of Hector's Dolphin. It is also the smallest and the most rarest of the species, with approximately 100 left in the world.

Dolphins are constantly getting killed off by fishermen. Nets meant to capture fish are now also capturing dolphins and drowning them. These creatures are important to society, because they keep fish, as well as other sea creatures from overpopulating.

We should do everything we can to help these animals. We all know they do a lot for us, so it would only be right if we helped save them. Because dolphins are extraordinary creatures.


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