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August 21, 2020

We would like to acknowledge and celebrate how truly remarkable our SASD 4K community is. Although we have always known that to be true, it has been proven again and again as we all respond to the challenges that this pandemic presents.

Over the course of the summer we have been working to ensure the continuity of our 4K learning. We are pleased that we are able to offer both in-person and virtual pathways for this fall.

Please take a few minutes to review this slide deck about 4K this year. School starts for all 4-year-olds on Tuesday, September 1. Families that have opted for virtual learning can access their virtual learning on our website. Daily plans will be updated a week at a time.

Your 4K site and teachers will be reaching out to you prior to the start of the school year. If you have questions about site operations please call the site directly. As we look forward, we urge you to check your email often for updates. If you have questions, concerns, know that we are all here for you.

With gratitude,

Erin Conrad, SASD 4K Principal

Sara Jane Lee, 4K Inclusion Support Teacher

OWL Curriculum


OWL's philosophy is that evey moment in a pre-K/4K/K classroom is an opportunity for learning. OWL provides eight units of learning, with four weeks of instruction within each unit. As math instruction is critical in the early years, OWL places a special focus on developing number and early math skills. OWL integrates a number of learning areas, including social emotional, language and communication, emergent literacy, math, science, social studies, arts, technology, and physical development.

The Pyramid Model

The Pyramid Model

The Pyramid Model is a Multi-Leveled System of Support (MLSS) to enhance social & emotional competence in infants, toddlers & young children. It offers evidence-based strategies for parents & professionals to support optimal development & prevent challenging behaviors.

The Pyramid Model is consistent with the public health/mental health model of promotion, prevention & intervention. The Pyramid Model framework is an evidenced based model for multi-leveled systems of support in early childhood programs. Program-wide implementation of the Pyramid Model is the equivalent model for implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in programs for young children.

Tucker the Turtle

The Pyramid Model features Tucker the Turtle!

In Sepember, the 4K teachers will introduce Tucker the Turtle

Tucker the Turtle Song

Tucker the Turtle Going to School

We Can Be Problem Solvers

The Nurtured Heart Approach

In September the 4K teachers will introduce the book: Tell Me About Your Greatnes by Sarah How

"I show my greatness by using my eyes to see and my words to say what is right about who I am and what I do."

"I show my greatness by caring for all, no matter their skin color, eye color, body and shape or size, clothes they wear or language they speak."

"I show my greatness by looking with my eyes and keeping my thoughts on school work."

SONDAY System Let's Play Learn

Let’s Play Learn offers structured, systematic, multisensory practice for students in preschool through kindergarten. It is used as a tool to develop foundational reading skills and prevent reading difficulties or as an intervention for those who need to strengthen pre-reading skills. Each lesson plan uses proven Orton-Gillingham methods to provide effective intervention in whole-class and small-group settings.

Handwriting without Tears

Get Set for School is a proven program that integrates play-based learning, music, hands-on materials, and active participation to help young learners develop physical, social-behavioral, language, and early math skills.

Developmentally Sequenced for empowered teaching and active student participation.

Research-based: Award-winning curriculum that integrates play-based and academic learning.

Play with Purpose: Play-based, multi-sensory instruction specifically made for young learners.

Unique Pre-Writing Activities: Complete pre-writing program for future success.

Attendance Matters

  • Attendance will be taken each day by classroom teachers for students who attend in person instruction

  • Attendance will be taken each day by Mindy Holverson, Educational Assistant, for those who attend virtual instruction.

  • Virtual Instruction: For children who will be attending 4K virtually, we ask each family sign in daily before noon via this Google form. The attendance form is found on the virtual instruction schedule which will be posted weekly.

Resources for Families

Are you looking for more resources about early childhood? Look no further than the National Association for the Education of Young Children. They have many resources on child development including how to foster independence, the power of play and the outdoors, as well as articles on early literacy and math.
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Erin Conrad, 4K Principal/Kegonsa Principal

Kate Ahlgren, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Sara Jane Lee, 4K Inclusion SupportTeacher

Mindy Holverson, 4K Educational Assistant

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