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Class of 2016 Graduation Information

We are very pleased to announce that the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2016 will be held at Las Vegas High School in the Frank Nails Football Stadium. The ceremony promises to be an event to remember, certainly one that will be meaningful for approximately 700 seniors, as they graduate on the campus where their high school memories were made. The administration and the senior class officers have been busily planning every detail for this exciting, but still dignified event.

The following information has been developed by the Clark County School District and Las Vegas High School to ensure that graduates and their families and friends understand the rules and guidelines governing a commencement ceremony of respect and dignity.

After a thorough review of this information, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call 799-0180 ext. 4206. The seniors will receive similar information from the administration at the senior meetings on May 17 in the school Lecture Center.

Please note: Seniors must pass all proficiency tests to graduate from Las Vegas High School and participate in the graduation ceremony.

Commencement Date, Location and Time

  • Thursday, June 2 ˜ 7:30 p.m. ˜ Las Vegas High School-Frank Nails Football Stadium
  • Graduates will assemble in the auxiliary gym for line-up no later than 6:30 pm. CCSD dress code will be checked upon arrival.
  • Only seniors are permitted in the gym area and will not be permitted to leave the area after they have checked in.
  • Parents and other guests may enter the gated areas of the stadium beginning at 6:00 p.m.
  • Admission is by ticket only. Seniors will receive their tickets following the ceremony rehearsal on Thursday morning, June 2 at 8:30 am.
  • Following the ceremony, spectators may join the graduates on the field to celebrate.


- Parking will be available in the following locations:

  • Using their parking pass, seniors will park on the practice football field on the north side of the school.
  • Guest parking:
  1. South parking lot in front of the school
  2. LDS Church parking lot on Treeline Drive to the west of LVHS
  3. Surface streets surrounding LVHS

- Staff parking only on the north side of the school.

- See the attached map for all parking areas.



Tickets for both adults and children are required for entry into the ceremony. You may enter through gates on the home or visitor side (handicapped and field seating only through the gates nearest to Sahara Avenue). Please be aware that the boys will be sitting closest to the visitor side and girls on the will be sitting closest to the home side. You may want to choose your seating location accordingly. PLEASE DO NOT BRING BAGS OR PURSES TO THE CEREMONY. Bringing those items will slow down your entry into the stadium as they will be checked by security. Special gates are designated for guests with bags and purses. Also, do not bring signs, balloons, weapons or nuisance items of any kind or food and drinks (except water in unopened containers). Those items will be confiscated at the entry gates. Please be in your seats by 7:15 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Entry gates will close promptly at 7:15 pm. Spectators not inside the stadium at that time will not be admitted.


The stadium gates will open for seating at 6:00 p.m. Seating is on a first come-first served basis and spectators may sit in either the home or visitor side bleachers. Please be aware that the boys will be sitting on the east side of the field and girls on the west side. You may want to choose your seating location accordingly. Seating on the field is by invitation only and requires a special ticket. Wheelchair/handicapped seating will be available. For this special seating, enter through the SOUTH gates and see an usher or security guard to be escorted to the handicapped seating area. Only one escort may accompany a spectator in the handicapped section and a special ticket is required. Notify the graduation office by May 17 if you require handicapped seating. See the stadium map attached for available entry gates.


Admission to the ceremony is by ticket only. Seniors will receive 4 guest tickets. If more tickets are needed, a request for 4 extra tickets must be submitted by the parent/guardian at the parent meeting on May 17 at 6:00 pm in the school gym. Because of limited seating, seniors will not receive more than a total of 8 tickets. If you require handicapped seating, you must bring your Nevada handicapped pass to the parent meeting on May 17 for two tickets into the handicapped seating section (handicapped tickets are included in the total number of tickets). All tickets will be given to the seniors at rehearsal on Thursday morning, June 2. Seniors who do not attend the rehearsal will not receive tickets or participate in the ceremony.

Student Attire

Caps and gowns for the ceremony will be distributed on May 20 during government classes, both lunches, and guidance. That afternoon, during 7th period, the seniors will participate in the SENIOR WALK. Wearing their caps and gowns, they will walk through the LVHS halls in recognition of their graduation accomplishment. Be sure gowns are ordered by May 1, so that they will arrive in time for distribution on May 20. Gowns will be available for purchase on that date also.

CCSD dress code at the ceremony will be strictly enforced. Students in violation of the dress code WILL NOT participate.

  • Girls – dresses or dress pants and dress shoes.
  • Boys – dress pants, dress shirt (with collar), tie preferred, and dress shoes.

No t-shirts, shorts, jeans, sandals, flip-flops, or athletic/tennis shoes of any kind for boys or girls. Students should NOT bring purses, handbags, or backpacks to the ceremony. It is not appropriate to carry bags of any kind during the ceremony and NO storage will be available to seniors. No cell phones, iPods, or cameras are permitted! They will be confiscated and returned following the ceremony.

BE SURE TO BRING THE LINE-UP CARD which will be included with the ceremony tickets given after the rehearsal on June 2.

Student Behavior

Students who do not exhibit appropriate behavior before and during the ceremony will be immediately removed from the event. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, drug or alcohol abuse, inappropriate language, possession of nuisance items, and violations of dress code. The diploma of any student removed will be withheld pending an appointment with the school principal.

Demeanor of Spectators

Although the ceremony is held on the football field, in the interest of a memorable, dignified occasion for both participants and spectators, we request the following socially acceptable graduation ceremony etiquette:

  • Sit only in designated audience seating. Listen politely and attentively to speakers.
  • Do not bring noisemakers or other distracting objects of any kind to the ceremony.
  • Show respect for each senior by refraining from catcalls, whistles, other verbal noises including excessive shouting or screaming names of seniors, especially during the diploma distribution. IF SUCH EXCESSIVE SHOUTING OCCURS, THE OFFICIAL DIPLOMA OF THAT STUDENT WILL BE WITHHELD PENDING AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE PRINCIPAL.


Cameras are not allowed on the stage or on the field during the ceremony. We also ask that you remain seated for picture taking during the ceremony and do not attempt to stand at the bleacher railing for photos. A professional photographer will take a photo of each student during the ceremony. You can locate graduation picture information on the school website- to register to view the proofs and order photos on line.

Diploma Distribution

During the ceremony, students receive a diploma cover from a school district dignitary with personal congratulations extended to each student by the LVHS principal. The actual diploma will be distributed after the ceremony in the auxiliary gym until 9:45 pm. After that time, the diplomas will be available in the Registrar’s office during the regular office hours.

Caps and Gowns

Caps and gowns for the ceremony will be given to the seniors on May 20 during government classes, guidance or lunch. All fines must be paid to receive the cap and gown. The school bank can only accept cash or money order. No personal checks are accepted


The ceremony rehearsal will begin at 8:30 am on Thursday, June 2, following the senior breakfast at 7:30 am. Seniors will enter through the front gate and receive their official line-up card, which they MUST have for the rehearsal and the ceremony. Breakfast will be served in the Senior Quad. Following the rehearsal, the seniors will receive their tickets, parking pass and other important reminders. Seniors who do not attend the rehearsal will not receive tickets or participate in the ceremony.

Senior Fines

All fines and outstanding balances owed to any CCSD school and to Jostens must be paid prior to receiving a cap and gown or ceremony tickets. Balances must be paid to the school bank with cash or money order only. No personal checks are accepted.


  • Water and other concessions will be available from 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm at the football field concession buildings.
  • No outside food or drinks except water (in a sealed container) are permitted into the stadium
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  • Cap and Gown – Order from Jostens – or call 384-3300. Be sure to order before May 1 to receive the gown by May 20.

  • Attendance Be sure to come to school every day. Missing school can cause you to lose credit in class and not graduate.
  • Choose and register now for after high school education. Report all acceptances to your counselor for inclusion in the graduation ceremony program.

Senior Information Class of 2016

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