News from 3rd Grade

Newsletter #11

It's the season for a play!

The play was on our mind this past week. However, we did manage to speak about the seasons, and discuss what we love to do within each season. Once the play is over, we will dive head first into time telling, and learning long multiplication. If you can work on the times tables with your students, that will help me, to help them! Students work really well with the multiplication facts within a group, as it somehow helps carry the students through. When I isolate the students and ask for their times tables, they feel less confident. If they became more confident with the isolated experience of the times tables, they would move this process into their long term memory and the creative fun of math would be enhanced.

Johnny Hears the Call / Potluck

Some of the students have been asked to bring in items for their costume. If you could remind them to bring in their items on Monday, that would be great! The students will perform their dress rehearsal on Wednesday for the 1st, 2nd, and 8th grades. The play will begin at 9am. On Thursday at 9am, the students will perform for the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grades. Our parent performance is scheduled for 5:30 on Friday, November 20th. Please have the students at school and in the classroom by 5pm. I could use help from 2 parents to get the students in their costumes. The play will last about 20 minutes, and pictures can happen right after the play. Remember, no pictures or filming of the play. Once the students are out of their costumes, we will gather for a blessing and will share in a meal.

On Friday, while the students are getting dressed, I would love if some parents could move the picnic tables into the courtyard and set up tables for our potluck. Anna and Kristie will be getting in touch with you about all this! If anybody had a fold up table, could they please contact Kristie to let her know. We just need one!

We are expecting a large crowd for dinner, so please make enough for 10 people. Make sure to bring your families own plates, utensils, bowls and cups.

This list is by the students last name: Please label ingredients

Main course: A-G

Side dish: J-L

Salad: M

Dessert: R-S

Drinks: T-V

Grandparents/ Special Friends Day???

Traditionally, I invite Grandparents and Special friends into our classroom to see the students in action. However, because of our small classroom situation, I am not sure if we can fit? I am mulling this over, and if you feel strongly about wanting a friend or family to come visit, please speak to me. It is confirmed on the calendar that the All School February Assembly will extend an invitation to Grandparents and Special Friends.

Three Streams of Student Support

Monday, Nov. 16th, 6:30-8pm

200 South Main St.

Hear from teachers, parents and students who have worked to embed this process in our school culture.
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Thank to Megan and Anna for coming in and teaching the students to make cranberry sauce! I am keeping it in the fridge, and look forward to eating it on Thanksgiving!