Missouri Music Notes

Winter 2016/2017

Happy 2017!

I hope you had a fabulous holiday season and that 2017 starts off wonderfully. Remember January is the month we remember our founders. There are a lot of award application deadlines. We've extended the Stillman Kelley instrumental/Thelma Byrum piano and Wendell Irish Viola awards until Friday, February 3rd. Tell your friends! Be sure to check out the other options!

Founders Day and Rose Fay Thomas Fellows

January is the month we recognize and remember our founders. We would love to see how your club celebrated! Be sure to take pictures and send in your report to Helen Harder by March 15th.

Did you know the National Federation of Music Clubs was conceived by Rose Fay Thomas. The wife of the renowned orchestra conductor of the Chicago Symphony's conductor, Theodore Thomas, Rose Fay Thomas was in charge of the musical segment of the World's Columbian Exposition held in Chicago in 1893. Her idea was to invite amateur women's musical clubs throughout the country to participate in the World's Fair Congress of Musicians. Initially, singing contests took place between the music club's choruses, which led to festivals and choral competitions. The federation was committed to the promotion of community music and was instrumental in providing opportunities to women to participate in music making. (quoted from Community Music Today, edited by Kari K. Veblen, Stephen J. Messnger, Marissa Silverman, and David J. Elliott)

Rose Fay Thomas Fellows was founded on April 27, 1989 at the Fort Worth TX Biennial Convention. Its objective was the promotion of American music, the cornerstone upon which the National Federation of Music Clubs was founded in 1898. The contributions are placed in the NFMC Endowment Fund.

Rose Fay Thomas Sustaining Fellow: Any individual who agrees to contribute $1,000 (or in whose honor or memory the contribution is made) to the Rose Fay Thomas Fund, with a minimum initial contribution of $200 shall be known as a Rose Fay Thomas Sustaining Fellow. Sustaining Fellows agree to receive an annual reminder of their intent and are encouraged to make additional contributions of at least $200. At the time the contribution reaches $1,000, the person shall be known as a Rose Fay Thomas Fellow. There is no time limit.

Recognition as a Rose Fay Thomas Fellow is considered to be the highest accolade granted by the National Federation of Music Clubs in appreciation for tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance and promotion of music in America. As of June 2015, there are 271 Rose Fay Thomas Fellows.

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Award Application Deadlines

Applications and requirements available on www.nfmc-music.org.

February 1st

$20,000 Young Artist to Leon Whitesell

$5,000 NFMC Lynn Freeman Olson Pedagogy Award to James Schnars

Up to $3,000 MFMC Student/Collegiate Auditions to Judy Shaw

$1,100 NFMC Alpha Corinne Mayfield Vocal award to Margaret Ulmer

$800 Hinda Honigman Award for the Blind to Bobbye Guyton

Up to $200 NFMC Junior Composers contest to Terry Blair
$400 NFMC Vivian Menees Nelson Award for the Disabled and Visually Impaired to Chris Vitt

** Extended until Friday, February 3rd **

$1,000 Stillman Kelley Instrumental/Thelma Byrum Piano Awards to Starla Blair by DVD

$1,000 Wendell Irish Viola Award to Starla Blair by CD

February 15th

$50 NFMC Music in Poetry Awards to Carrie Conklin

March 1st

$2,500 Emil and Ruth Beyer Composition Awards to Stephen Varney by CD

$2,000 Joyce Walsh Junior Awards for the Handicapped to Dr. John Kelly

$1,800 NFMC Mary Alice Cox Strings Award to Matt Miller by CD

$1,500 Martha Marcks Mack Junior Vocal Award to Naomi Sanchez by CD

$1,350 NFMC Dorothy Dann Bullock Music Therapy Scholarship to Margaret Smith

Up to $1,100 Student/Collegiate Composition awards to Peggy Willis by CD

$1,100 NFMC Carolyn Nelson Double Reed Award to Tim Bauman by MP3 or CD

Up to $1,000 NFMC Lynn Freeman Olson Composition Awards to James Schnars

$850 NFMC Oscar Valentin Violin Award to Dr. Gene Vollen by CD

$800 Marilyn Caldwell Piano Award to Marilyn Caldwell by CD

$600 Elizabeth Greiger Wiegand Sacred Music of the Faiths Award to Vicki Carr

$600 NFMC Ernest A Bluhm Flute Award to Sandy Reetz

$500 NFMC Claire Ulrich Whitehurst Piano Award to Suzanne Carpenter by CD

$500 NFMC Myrtle Mehan/Hazel Morgan Music Education Scholarship to Karl Morris

$400 Irma Carey-Wilson Music Therapy Scholarship to Margaret Smith

$300 NFMC Ruth B Robertson Music Therapy Scholarship to Margaret Smith

$300 NFMC Music for the Blind Composition Award to Lee Ann Cummings

$200 NFMC Music for the Blind Performance Awards to Lee Ann Cummings

March 15th

$5,000 Martha Marcks Mack Senior Vocal Award to Dennis Price by DVD

April 1st

MFMC Most Musical Family to Julie Watson
MFMC Church Musician of the Year to Julie Watson

*More details on state chairman can be found on the website under MFMC Directory. Password is debussy (all lower case)

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MFMC State Convention

Thank you for your patience! I'm happy to report that the MFMC state convention and junior competition will be at Central Methodist University in Fayette on May 19-20. There will be more details coming soon. Hope to see you there!


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. ~Helen Keller

Now is the time we are looking at officers and chairman for next year. Please consider saying yes if/when someone asks you to help. We have a great organization - and it takes people like you to make it work. Thanks for being willing to serve!

A note from 1st VP

As 2016 comes to a close and a new year begins, I have frequently found my thought turning to the Federation Music Clubs in Missouri and how much I have learned since becoming Vice-President 1 and Senior Reporting and Membership Chair in May 2015.

Attending the NFMC National Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma was the highlight of 2016 for me. I went to a wide variety of meetings, workshops, concerts, and receptions and I got to know other musicians from all over the country. I went away from that week with a great appreciation for the Federation and all of the things that it promotes all over the United States. All of the clubs are a little different, adding to the terrific diversity that makes our United States one of the best places to be a musician. It doesn’t matter what our primary area is-performing, teaching, running a music business-the Federation is a group of musicians who are dedicated to their craft and want to provide an uplifting outlet for musicians in the future.

I have been thinking about what the Federation will look like in the future. What will best promote the Federation in 2017 and beyond? This year I hope to get to know more of you in the State of Missouri. Life keeps all of us busy, but I am hoping to take more time to visit with clubs all over the state, if not in person, by email or phone. I want to thank the three clubs who sent in their Senior Reporting Form-Evening Etude, Morning Etude and Virtuoso. I was so impressed with all you reported and I hope to hear more from everyone this year.

Jim and I wish all of you a beautiful new year filled with happiness and peace.

Annette Mayhew

MFMC 1st Vice-President