Come to Constantinople

live peacefully or rot painfully

Once you enter you'll never want to leave

Geography: Constantinople is mostly surrounded by water except for the side facing Europe where we built walls. It is a very wealthy city because it is the center of trade. The location of our city is super smart because nobody can attack it. The city is also built on seven hills.

Government: Right now our emperor is Justinian 1 and rules with his beautiful wife Theodora. There was a big riot a while ago that destroyed most of the city... but that doesn't matter because Justinian rebuilt the city in an amazing new way. His most famous achievement is our grand Hagia Sophia. Until your eyes have witnessed it's grand beauty, you have not lived. Justinian has also revised and improved many laws, including extending woman's rights!

Religion: Religion is a huge part of our lives here in Constantinople. Christianity is much more than just a religion to us, our empire depends on it. Many people attend church on a regular basis and monasteries and convents care for the poor and sick. We also have the Cyrillic alphabet which allows scholars to translate the Bible for the people in Eastern Europe. My favorite part of all our Orthodox churches is that the Pantocrator looks down at us from the domes in the ceiling.

Daily Life: At the most, there's about one million people that live in the city. The city is usually bustling with people and camel and mule trains. It is a very busy place because it's the center of trading. Everyone here also attends our exhilarating chariot races. I always rout for the Blues! And I already told you how important church is in our daily lives. Life in Constantinople is full of surprises and thrilling events!

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By: Anika Bragg