Year at a Glance

Glyden Katalbas

About me

I'm sixteen years old. I love to sing and dance. I play the piano and guitar. i'm planning on learning the drums and the ukelele in the near future. I like to be surrounded with positive people. Change scares me, but i deal with it and I adapt to the change. I don't like giving up on things that i love to do. I'm definitely not the smartest fish in the sea, but I try until I feel like a boss. Sometimes I surprise myself with the things that I achieve that i thought i would never achieve, and it makes me feel like I can do anything I want to do if i just put in the hardwork. I'm clumsy and it's not fun at all espescially when you trip in front of your crush. I have a brother named Dylan, father named Jose, a mother named Gladys, and a dog named Kikai. In the near future we will be welcoming a new family member named James, and i'm so excited! Someday i want to travel all over the world with a close friend or my future husband.

My advice for the upcoming sophmores.

My biggest advice for sophmores is not to procrastinate. Do the things you need to do now than later! Do your homework as soon as possible so than you won't have any zeroes. I had a project from psychology that i did a class period before it was supposed to be due and made an eighty, but i'm sure i could've done better than that. Since that project was a huge grade on the gradebook, it affected my average to a much lower number. The second biggest advice is just to have fun. Having fun will make your year seem a lot quicker, shorter, and easier. Don't stress out too much. It's not worth it. Just keep working hard until you a achieve your goal. :)
Macklemore- Can't Hold Us [clean version]

Dream Vacation to India.

I want to trave the world someday, but my number one choice would be India. Why? I love the culture. The food, clothing, religion, music, and the scenery because they are interesting. The biggest reason I want to go there is because i want to help the people. My seventh grade reading teacher went to India for mission work. She told us about how amazing it is over thare. The story that she told us that stuck to me the most was whenever she gave a little girl a coke bottle. The little girl's dad came up to my teacher and said, "Thank you for giving her that. She's never had a coke her entire life. Thank you for letting her experience that. I haven't seen her smile that big in her life."

Year a Glance.

This year was a roller coaster. Bad moments, sad, moment, happy moments... i'll edfinitely remember the happy moments. I've matured as a person and had grown in God. This year was difficult, but i hope it'll be better next year. I've gained so many friends and have also gained confidence that i never had. I'm still pretty shy, but i speak out more now. Every school year is always an adventure. All the things i've learned and experience are important to me because it makes me who I am today, and I'm very thankful for that.