Mountain Shout-Outs

Volume 2 Issue 18

16 January 2015

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Missed your chance?

If you missed your chance to say thank you to your co-workers or share something great they did, get them to me by e-mail or by leaving a form in my box! Thank you!

From Jeff Johnson

Thanks to all of the amazing staff members who helped out at the 2015 Mustang Invitational! We appreciate your help!

Bruce Ranadall

Karl Buck

Jennifer Brown

Brandi Potestio

Mary Maydew

Jennifer Honka

Ian Simpson

Julie Enger

Kim McAtee

Tiffany Hanson

Jayme Brothers

Carey McKinney

Bob Gorman

9th Grade English Teachers

Thanks to the 9th grade English teachers for letting me take over your classroom for a day to talk to the students about their Digital Footprints and their futures. I heard some great conversations, and I'm hoping more of the students will "think" before the post! (If anyone outside of 9th grade would like their students to have this lesson, too, just let me know. I love to be in your classrooms teaching!)

-Tricia LaRue

Thomas Norfolk, Jen Bloom, David Derby

Thank you so much for helping students with FBLA districts and helping with the Avalanche Game!

-Jen Cooper

Jen Bloom

Thank you so much for coming to my class every Thursday and all your help with FBLA!

-Jen Cooper

Jennifer Brown

For creating and organizing 19 (that's more than a semester's worth!) grammar skills challenges for the English department. You rock!

-Sage Rebuehr

Laurie Kihle

Thank you so much for your work in the counseling office. You have no idea how much of a difference you have made for us. You make the front desk run so smoothly and are a

constant calming presence during crazy times. You are so appreciated and I am so happy that we stole you from Student Relations! Ha Ha!!

-Stacie Rhody

Sarah Kuhnlein

Thanks for being so amazing at your job! Your efficiency and expertise is appreciated daily in the counseling office. Thanks for being such a great friend and so often my counselor. :)

-Stacie Rhody

Sunni Nucci

Thanks for being such a strong female role model for so many of our young girls!! In the words of a student in my office last week “Ms. Nucci gives me hope every day, I want to be just like her one day”. You rock Sunni!! :)

-Stacie Rhody

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Mountain Shout-Outs

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