Safety And Data Sheet

Element: Ericum

Element Information

Element name: Ericium

Atomic Mass: 14.6

Symbol: Em

Discoverer: Dr. Eric Lam

Occurrence: highly concentrated deposits located in metals and extremely low quantities in water

Physical Properties

Surface Properties: Hard, solid element with a lustrous coating, usually green

Boils when: it comes in contact with lots of homework

Melts when: it hears people scratching chalk boards with their nails

Can cause: light headedness if it tackles another atom

Specimen can be found in various states:

A. Sad when the Cowboys lose

B. Happy when the Cowboys win

Becomes stubborn and unyielding when: people bother him

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by: Big Mac

Is attracted to: Football

May explode spontaneously when: other things explode

Requires copious amounts of food and Gatorade

Is inert if: the teacher tells it not to move

Will repel: annoying atoms

Is impervious to: what the Eagles claim to do this year