The Torture Chamber

Rights and Violations in Prison


Most of prisoners’ rights are taken away from them once they become registered in a prison. Even though prisoners do have minimum rights sometimes they are obstructed. Many of the prisoners’ rights as a U.S. Citizen are taken away in Prison. The main rights are privacy rights. Prisoners can be subject to shakedowns at any time. Violations of prisoners’ rights can lead to a deteriorating prison structure and a variety of problems. Solitary is a way to punish and break down prisoners. In Solitary prisoners are held in small, dirty, smelly dark rooms alone without getting out for almost any hour of the day. Not only is Solitary Confinement bad but the living conditions in Solitary are even worse. Eber tells us that prisoners are underfed and often held in rat infested cells without working toilets or lights. Now imagine living in a tiny room sharing your only space with rats, your small portion of food, and a backed up toilet that will possibly never work.
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My name is Nicklaus and this flyer was created as a part of a school project to inform people about Rights and Violations in Prison. Scan this QR code to access my online flyer and links.