The Warriors Heart

BY Steven Nguyen

Character Analysis

Eric Greitens is a Person who goes to different refugee camps all over the world so that he could help places like Rwanda which was previously in a Crisis.Eric Greitens is a major factor in this story because he joined the Navy seals to help the world and he is a Hero that becomes a man of courage.Eric Greitens Is hesitant to his dad when his Dad was in the hospital. He was in B.U.D.S and he went through intense training to save people during places like 9-11 2001. He is The main Character because this is a biography he is full of Integrity And someday I want to meet him, He is a hero because he went through the worlds hardest training and endured it to serve for America.


Setting : This story takes place in America, China, Battlefield and Iraq. This is during the end of 19th century and 20th century during 9-11.

Plot Line Exposition

Exposition :Eric Greitens goes to college and he did Rogers work like cutting Grass for an Allowance.Eric was also going to refugee camps in places like Rwanda in Rwanda, Albania, Mexico, India, Croatia, Bolivia and Cambodia. He also trained his Kung Fu skills. Eric also did visit homeless shelters.Eric Greitens went to Duke University and Oxford to get his degree in ethics, philosophy at Duke University and was a Rhodes and Truman scholar at Oxford University in England.
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Plot Line Rising Action

Rising Action :Eric Greitens goes to join the Navy Seal training and B.U.D.S. He went on the missions and and he was serving during 9-11 and he went volunteering through so many events and went to china at age 18.

Plot Climax

Climax : The climax takes place when Eric Wants is part of the Navy Seals and serves for the country.He also went To "OCS" (Officer Candidate School) This is when the story turns around

Plot Falling Action

Falling Action : When Eric Greitens becomes a Navy Seal and start fighting the battle fields of Iraq and Afganistan

Plot Resolution

Resolution : He Defeats and Captures Al Queda a terrorist group in Iraq and he learns a huge leason in His life


This book is about how a Eric went from mowing lawns for allowance for Education in Duke to Fighting in Iraq and accomplishing through Courage and Compassion.Eric learned so many thing from Refugee camps in Rwanda and Bosnian Refugee camps