Being a Psychologist

By- Emily Beck

What being a psychologist is all about...

Psychologists typically investigate human behavior and mind to see why people act certain ways. This can help other people with their emotional problems, or other types of issues.
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Fun Fact!

In high school, you should study biology, chemistry, algebra, english, statistics, and psychology.

Benefiting Society

Helping someone with their psychological issues could improve their education. This would help society because the person that got help could go on to do something awesome.


Types of people...

If you are interested in this job, you will need to have compassion, patience, the ability to get others to open up to you, and you will need to like people.

Annual Salary

The annual salary is around $68,900.

Job Growth

The job growth will go up 7% to 13%.

Get hired!

The companies that hire psychologists are the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Kaiser Permenante, and the U.S. Army.