mLearning Tools

iOS Apps for K-12 Classrooms

Khan Academy

Using this app students can learn about a variety of topics from math and science to history any place, anywhere. This app is free making it realistic for use in a classroom with iOS capabilities.

This app could be used by students to supplement the content taught in class. For example, after a lesson the students could be encouraged to use this app to learn more about a subject and be asked to present their findings in a group or to the class.

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National Geographic Atlas

This app is a great way to substitute a technology for a common classroom material, an atlas. National Geographic Atlas costs $1.99 and is reasonably priced compared to a traditional paper atlas.

This resource could be used as a substitute for a traditional atlas. Students could be asked to locate a number of countries or cities and do a ePoster presentation on the area.

Teacher Kit

This app is used in a classroom to organize activities, students and track classroom progress and behaviour. This app is free for download.

This is an app that would be beneficial for teachers to organize students within a group project or for learning students names at the beginning of the school year. Using this app improves the ability of teachers to manage their classrooms.

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HudsonAlpha iCell

This app allows students to explore the structure and function of a cell on their mobile devices. This app is free for download from iTunes.

This app could be used by students to review the content taught about animal or plant cells in class. This app offers a tool for visual learners to interact with the material and explore the content taught verbally further.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an online tool that can help students explore mathematics in more detail. It offers full worked out solutions to any math problem so students can learn what mistakes they've made so they can better understand the procedure of doing these problems.

This app could be used for practicing problems that will not be graded or as a tool to help them study.