Arches National Park

by Ian J. Micheel


Arches national park is a splendid place to visit for the holidays and you will make many memories at Arches national park. There are famous arches like Delicate arch and Landscape arch. You can spend the night there and eat in a cabin. You can explore but don’t leave behind graffiti. There have been signs of graffiti at Arches. Plan your trip now!

What actually caused the park to form?

Wind and water erosion formed fins of sandstone out of the cracked rock, and further weathering created the arches in the park.

who founded arches national park?

John "Doc" Williams (On the right), Loren "Bish" Taylor, and Alexander Ringhoffer.

How many arches are in arches national park

There are over 2,000 cataloged arches in the park. Some include: Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch, Eye of the Whale arch, Tunnel arch, Double arch, Turret arch, and Surprise arch.


I hope of what you read now you want to go there. I haven't been there but maybe someday I will go and maybe even work there! So long my friends.