Wolcott's Weekly "What's Up"

Office of Teaching and Learning 1.18.2015

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CHANGE: Calkins Writing Assessment

In response to teacher feedback from 1st quarter there have been adjustments made to the On-Demand Performance Assessments. The 2nd quarter writing assessment can be administered in two 45 minute sessions. Session 1 will be devoted to composing while Session 2 should be devoted to the process of revising and editing. Giving this additional time allows students the opportunity to utilize revision and editing strategies that they have learned and practiced throughout the quarter. This will allow for a more accurate representation of student growth. If the prompt allows, please remember to read the prompt to the students the day prior to the on-demand assessment.

Math Curriculum Revision Meetings

We will be conducting Math Curriculum Revision meetings on February 25 and 26 at the PDC. In addition to making necessary changes to units, we will be adding resources to the new D68 Curriculum website.

If you are interested in helping, please contact District Math Specialist, Rachel Manjarres.


Accelerated Math 2.0 Training

A key resource in our fight with Common Core Math is Accelerated Math 2.0. This new upgrade enables staff to develop specific daily lessons and practice as well as the opportunity to make formative assessments based on CCMS. Since many staff are not familiar with Accelerated Math 2.0, we will have a trainer on site in the district on Tuesday, January 27 from 8:30-2:30 at the PDC (lunch will be provided).

Please send names of staff interested in attending to Kim Superits by Thursday, January 22nd. Sub turnaround will be quick for this event so we need to expedite things as quickly as possible.

CHANGE: Revised Master Calendar

I will be sending a revised Master Calendar out this weekend. Changes to the calendar include:

  • Cancellation of the 1/22 Professional Development Council Meeting
  • Cancellation of the 1/27 Teaching and Learning Team Meeting
  • Addition of the 1/27 Accelerated Math 2.0 Training session at the PDC
  • Changed day grades due to 2/11
  • Addition of 1/29 Pre-Post test scores due to Kim Superits
  • Fixed 2/12 to indicate half day student attendance in the AM and conferences in the evening.
  • Added 2/25 and 2/26 Math Curriculum Revision Meetings @ PDC

PARCC PBA Principal Checklist 2015

Below you will find the PARCC PBA Principal Checklist 2015 to help make sure your building is prepared for the first session:

  • Have ELL, IEP and RTI staff review “Demographic Verification Reports” and ensure all accessibility options and accommodations have been entered properly into Skyward 1/20.
  • Demographic Verification Report submitted to Skyward 1/2.
  • State to upload PARCC data from SIS 1/23.
  • Verify all teachers administering PARCC have received their Password 1/30.
  • Schedule afterschool PARCC Teacher Preparation Meeting with all testing teachers between February 17 and February 27 to be taught by building.
  • Attend mandatory ISBE PARCC Walkthrough Webinar, 3:30 pm at DAC Conference Room.
  • Schedule 45-minute student PARCC ELA Practice Session for all students to preview the test format.
  • Schedule 45-minute student PARCC Math Practice Session for all students to preview the test format.
  • Make sure headphones are available for all students. IEP students may need headphones with microphones. If so, contact John Horn.
  • Develop and distribute Testing Calendar to all staff and send copy to D68 “Skyward” user group. Include: 1) When and where will each grade level Special Education small group testing occur? 2) When and where will each grade level ELL small group testing occur? 3) When and where will each grade level make-up testing occur

  • Communicate to staff the following: 1) Who will be administering tests if a teacher is absent? 2) Who will be the site technical assistance person if there are chrome/computer issues? 3) What will students do if they finish the test early? 4)When will make-up tests be given?
  • Develop and send how a PARCC Preparation Letter to parents to remind them of testing dates (I will be sending one from the district in early February).

The PARCC Information smore can be accessed here https://www.smore.com/9smex-parcc-information .

SIgnificant 72 Success Stories

We continue to hear about the many cool things people are doing with Significant 72 in the classroom. If you have success stories or activities you are willing to share, send those to me or District Technology Specialist, Tarah Tesmer. We will be adding a Significant 72 page to the new Curriculum website in order to share these cool ideas.

Internal University Update

In addition to the Close Reading Internal University course (https://www.smore.com/wwtdt-discover-close-reading ) we will be posting a new Twitter IU course early next week. Staff will be able to take part in this course from their own home. Please consider learning with us in this new format.

Additional ideas for Internal University are always welcome. Please contact me if you have ideas or are interested in teaching a course.


Principal To Do List

  • Please send upcoming Data Review Times to me by 1/20
  • Please send me an email with the last day of your school mid-year testing. I need this information so I can inform ECRA by 1/20
  • Work on the PARCC checklist

On the Radar

January 27

  • Accelerated Math 2.0 Training Session

January 27

  • Teaching and Learning Meeting: CANCELLED

January 28

  • District Spelling Bee 6:30 pm at JJHS (all principals should be in attendance)

Stay strong and F.O.C.U.S.ed!

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Pre/Post Test Data Collection

  • In order to make adjustments and further review the effectiveness of the pre/post assessments we have written, we need to take a closer look at student performance. In order to do this, we will need to know student scores on assessments.
  • All district math teachers will be getting Excel spreadsheet on Tuesday from Kim Superits. Please fill in pre and post test scores from each unit. Excel spreadsheets from each teacher are due to Kim by Thursday, January 29. Staff may need to use time during a daily collaboration period to complete this task.
  • Thank you for understanding the importance of this task!

CHANGE: Grades Due Date

We were asked by WEA to adjust the due date for second quarter grades. To make things easier for them, we will have grades due at 4:00 pm on February 10th. Secretaries will then need to run verification reports on the 11th with report cards going home either at the end of that day (if ready) or the morning of the 12th.