Fishes=Water, Waste=Trash

Stop throwing trash in the waters!

"People are the Pollution but can be apart of the Solution"

We need to fix this (POLLUTED BEACHES)

More than thirteen percent of the nations beaches are polluted with at least one in each coastal state or lake state. These beaches become contaminated and polluted by trash, fertilizers, animal waste, animal dropping and much more. Simple things such as picking up your dogs poop or throwing away your chip bag can save the world's oceans and lakes from pollution. The pictures below show you examples of how the beaches look when you don't contribute to society.

Join or Donate

There are many nonprofit Clean Beach Council's in the U.S. that go and clean up beaches. Please volunteer at your local beach council to provide service to your community and produce clean beaches safe for people. If you too busy please donate and show that you care for our planet.