Monday Morning Message

Glen Burnie High School Social Studies Department, Feb. 8

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SLO #2

Good Morning,

Week One was in my eyes, a success. You all adapted to starting the semester late with professionalism and flexibility. It's not easy changing routines in this job, but you are all doing the best you can each day and I commend you for it.

Looking forward, make sure you are delivering your SLO pre-tests as discussed in the Department Meeting and with your teams. Your SLO, pre-test data, and post-test are due to me on Tuesday, February 16. Please keep in mind that this is the day after President's Day.


Your Team Leads are working hard! Ms. Platte and Mr. Riley are showing great enthusiasm for their new roles in the department, while Ms. Beasley is continuing to lead her team with that same passion as she did in first semester. Well done!

Upcoming Dates

February 9: AVID Site Team Visit

February 10: 2 Hour Early Dismissal, Professional Development

February 15: No School, President's Day

February 22: Parent Teacher Conferences

March 2: Interims sent home

March 21-28: Spring Break

Things to Know

1. January's Instructional Focus is Diverse Learners and Differentiated Instruction.

2. SLO #2 pre-tests and data are due to Mr. Nilsson by Tuesday, February 16. More information will be provided at the Department meeting tomorrow.

3. New Upfront Magazine! The cover story is "North Korea vs. The World." Very appropriate for both current events and the US History! (Link is below, remember the login info is USERNAME: tnilsson PASSWORD: gophers15)

4. Please be sure you have turned in your final exams to keep on file. I will be reviewing all the exams I received in the next few days. If i do not have your exams, I will contact you individually.

5. AVID Applications are available in electronic form for 9th and 10th grade teachers who see potential AVID students in their classes. See your Mr. Nilsson or Jen Ballard.

6. Grading of Final Exams: Students that fail to show for an exam – receive a zero (0) in the gradebook, call home to parent, and email Ms. Berner. If the student makes a good faith effort on the exam, the lowest possible score will be 50% per the grading policy.

7. Scheduling for students will occur from February 10-March 4; Media Center through English.

Question for the Week

Be prepared to answer the following question at your Team Meeting:

What conclusions can we draw from the content pre-test data we gathered last week? Are their particular areas of weakness that we should focus on? If so, how can we do this?