Headspace: A Review

By Ashwin Srinivasan


Headspace is a meditation app that is devoted to helping people to relax and calm themselves down. It is very user friendly, in that the layout and appearance are not very flashy or distracting. It is very simple to use and extremely beneficial.

The App


I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who feels like they are overwhelmed by stress. It is a free app and whenever you feel like you're overworked, take ten minutes to sit and calm yourself down. All you need to do is create an account, and then you can start meditating. My favorite feature of this app is the visual layout of it. It's calming and simple.


There is not much wrong with this app. The only thing is that to access the "singles" mode, you need to complete the "Take10" feature which is pictured in the Meditation picture above. Other than that it is a superb app.