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Weight Loss Myths & Is Exercise a Waste of Time?

Weight Loss Myths- Nutrition Diva

Why are we not sticking to our New Years Resolutions and not losing weight?


3 Most Common Myths About Weight Loss

Myth #1 Do Whatever It Takes!

Obesity can lead to many health problems and many people believe they need to do whatever it takes to get the weight off.


Even losing 5% of your body weight yields enormous health benefits even if that means you are still overweight.

It is better to lose a little weight at a time than to lose the weight all at once and gain it back immediately after.

"The direction you're heading is more important than where you are."

Myth #2 Faster Is Better!

Many people do not want to take the time to see the results.

We want results more quickly- why do a 6 month dieting program when there are programs where you can lose the same amount of weight in 2 weeks?


Losing weight rapidly GUARANTEES failure!

Rapid weight loss effects long term hormone and metabolic changes in your body that make it difficult to maintain weight loss.

You will battle with weight loss for the rest of your life!


Sue has maintained her weight since college in a healthy way.

Mary did a crash course diet and now has to work out twice as much and eat 15% less than Sue does because she didn't build a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Myth #3 When You Reach Your Goal You Are Done!


Americans are GREAT as losing weight- we lose millions of pounds a year!

The problem is that we have NO IDEA how to keep the weight off.

We are losing and gaining the same pounds over and over again.

If we lose weight too quickly, our bodies fight to put that weight back on.

We DO NOT spend enough time cultivating the skills we need to maintain our weight overtime.

Study: Two Groups of Women Spent Time Dieting

The first group was given two months to learn and practice skills on how to keep weight off. They learned a lot of background knowledge on how to keep the weight off once they have lost it. The group that did not receive this knowledge gained the weight back rapidly after the diet while the group that practiced how to maintain their weight did not gain as much of the weight back.


Dieting is NOT a race!

Is Exercise a Waste of Time or Does It Enhance Productivity?- Get Fit Guy

Teamed up with Get It Done Guy

How can we work out less and do more?

Does exercise make you more productive?

Is exercise really worth it?

American College of Sports Medicine found that workers that get in at least 30 minutes a day of exercise found that their average performance and productivity boosts of about 15%!

60% of those workers noticed that their time management skills, mental performance, and ability to meet deadlines improved.

These workers were also less likely to experience post lunch dips in energy if they exercised earlier in the day.

Get up & Move!

Studies have shown that if you do a daily walk 3 times a day for 30 minutes it will boost your mood and it will help you manage stress at work.

Get Fit Guy suggests going outside and getting fresh air and exercise will make the work day more productive!

Study done with 200 Employees:

A study was done comparing sedimentary workers who exercised vs. who didn't exercise throughout the day.

Results: The workers who exercised had increases in productivity and moods and felt more satisfied at the end of the day!

If you absolutely have no time to work out:

1) Wear a weighted vest or weight ankle weights and or wrist weights while you're moving around at home or at the office so that you can burn some extra calories

2) Keep your room, your home, or your office slightly cool, such as 55 to 60°F, so you burn extra calories generating heat while you're working

3) Use grip strengthening devices like hand grip strengtheners, stress balls that you can squeeze, or elastic bands that you force your hand to open against to train your forearms, wrist, and hands while you're working at your office (a side benefit of this is that it reduces the potential for carpal tunnel and elbow pain from computer work)

4) Twitch! Do neck and head circles, shoulder shrugs, tap your feet, chew gum, stand up, sit down, lunge, kneel. Constantly fidgeting throughout the day has been shown to boost calorie burn significantly

5) Get a kettle bell. A kettle bell is probably the most versatile exercise tool, and is highly portable, and doesn't take up much space at all. When you have a quick break at work, you can pull out from under your desk and do exercises similar to the ones that I demonstrate in this video.


Doing short workouts through the day can help productivity levels and boost your mood!

You don't need to workout as much as you think!

Get Fit Guy suggests doing 10 push ups, 10 squats, 10 lunges, or a 30 minute walk to get your productivity level boosted!

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The connection I made between the two podcasts is that you can practice maintaining weight loss by adding quick and short exercises throughout your day. It is important to get up and moving so it can increase productivity and it will inspire you to keep moving. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and practicing these techniques will keep you healthy and satisfied!