Forensic Chemistry

Alondra Chavarria


What education is needed?

forensic chemist generally has a bachelor's degree in chemistry, clinical chemistry, or another scientific field. Some universities now offer masters degrees and even PhDs in forensic chemistry.

Preparation Time Line

  • take advanced science classes, Ap Chemistry & biology.

  • participate in sport to learn about teamwork.


  • major in Chemistry

  • take elective courses in law enforcement,criminal scene processing.
  • Years in school 4-6



Average Yearly Forensic Chemist Salary$56,440 - $84,660

Starting Yearly Forensic Chemist Salary$46,480 - $69,720

Top Yearly Forensic Chemist Salary$66,400 - $99,600


Average Monthly Forensic Chemist Salary$4,703 - $7,055

Starting Monthly Forensic Chemist Salary$3,873 - $5,810

Top Monthly Forensic Chemist Salary$5,533 - $8,300


Average Hourly Forensic Chemist Salary$25 - $38

Starting Hourly Forensic Chemist Salary$21 - $31

Top Hourly Forensic Chemist Salary$30 - $44

Median Annual Wage: $52,840 (2012)

Type of Work

Forensic chemist work in a labatory. They sit or stand for a long period of time,work repeat on the same kind of task. Follow strict procedures regarding the handling and documentations of evidence.

Transferrable to other states

Yes you're able to transfer to different states for forensics. Forensic work to a lab but also leave the lab to find evidence to test it.

Is An Internship?

While being a gradate in or undergraduate internships offered in forensic chemist most colleges are able to pay but most do not. Most college internships happen if you're enrolled or recent graduate of accredited forensic programs.
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Job Growth

Popularity in the media is increasing interest, more competition for forensic science career.Since forensic labs are being created existing labs caused by promotion or retirement are the main source of position for new scientist.

Cost of Education

Chemistry is $33,460 with an estimated four year degree total cost of $133,84 two year Forensic Chemistry the average annual cost is $8,818 with an average two year total program cost of $17,636. If you go out of state to study for forensic is much more then in state.

Where are jobs in this field?

The forensic chemist field would be in different types for example federal, state and local government, forensic laboratories, medical examiners offices, hospitals, universities, toxicology laboratories, police departments, medical examiner/coroner offices, or as independent forensic science consultants

Typical Day for a Forensic Chemist?

time is spent in the office writing reports and preparing for laboratory visits. Other days I may be carrying out a laboratory visit or attending court as an expert witness. They also attend the laboratory where the prosecution work was carried out in order to re-examine the relevant items.Then they interpret the scientific findings taking into account any explanations given by the defendant.


Many times forensic chemist travel in and out of laboratory visiting and attending different kind of courts .

Specific license or certification required?

After 3 years of experince most forensic scientist try getting there CRFP which Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners professional regulatory body that manages a register of currently competent forensic practitioners.

Can this lead to a different job in the chemistry field?

Yes this career can lead to different kind of chemistry field for example this are some of the careers forensic development manager, medical research associate, medical examiner, crime laboratory analyst, crime scene examiner, pathologist, toxicologist, pharmacologist, analytical chemist, biomedical scientist, clinical biochemist and research scientist.

Health benefits

The employment of being a forensic employ is that in this positions you are able to get sick days, paid vacation days, health, ocular and dental benefits.

Doing work at home?

For Forensic Chemistry you can really work at home because they mostly work in Labs where they investigate different types of cases.Most of the time they're standing while working.
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Expect Raises

Since forensic chemist works with the government the increase of slavery increases every year but this only happens if you're apart the tirered system. This increases your salary every year.

Possiabily of Promotions

Possibility a promotion would only happen is you have more education and more experience with working there will be higher chance of getting a promotion.

3 positive and 3 Negative aspects of this job?

3 postive things about thi job is that

1. You get paid a good amount of money

2.You always have something new, and interesting to work with.

3. You're able to travel to different kind of jobs and investigate crimes

3 Negative things

1. You work lots of hours and always have to be standing.

2. Going towards that career you need a lot of education

3.The job growth is increasing.