by Joey Stalone


In Romeo and Juliet the play the two lovers take their lives because their families hate each other.With Romeos internal conflict of his teenage mind hes got a lot of uncontrollable emotions. This leads to his wanting to marry Juliet because he thinks hes in love .People should not rush into relationships or marry someone without thinking it through.

Act 1 Scene 5


The Play states "Romeo: What is her mother? Nurse: Her mother is the lady of the house.Romeo: Is she Capulet? O dear account; my life is my foe's debt." (p.1016 line 124-133) This is Romeo speaking with the nurse about who Juliet is. This is relevant to the theme because he walked right up to her and kissed her without thinking of the consequences and who she might be.

Act 2 Scene 2

The script states "Juliet: The orchard walls are high and hard to climb, and the place of death , considering who thou art, if any of my kinsmen find thee here" Juliet is talking to Romeo about the risk he took to see her.This shows how Romeo is willing to risk his life to just meet with someone he had just met that day and is already talking about being with her forever.

Act 3 Scene 1

"Romeo, away, be gone , the citizens are up and Tybalt is slain."(p 1048 line 137-144)

Benvolio is telling Romeo to run away and hide so the watch wont hang him for killing Tybalt. If Romeo hadn't married Juliet he would of been able to fight Tybalt to begin with and Mercutio wouldn't of died and maybe even Tybalt. Romeo initially did't fight because they were family which made him weak but Tybalt did not know this.

Act 5 Scene 3

Juliet exclaims " Yea noise then I'll be brief .O happy dagger!" (p. 1097 line 182-184)

This is Juliet talking to herself about taking her life with dead Romeos dagger.If Romeo and Juliet had gone slower with their relationship and if Romeo hadn't of thought that he cared so much for Juliet then he wouldn't of killed himself and in turn Juliet wouldn't have had to kill herself.