Ms. Browns class

Welcome to my kindergarden classroom

About me

My name is Heather Brown. I decided to become a teacher, because I want to set the learning grounds for your childs future learning. Getting the students to learn in the best way possible and still have fun.

Teaching philosophy

I believe that a good teacher explains assignments in detail and gives examples. Finds fun ways to give the information. Lightens up the class with jokes, but still keeps the kids on task. Be caring, respectful, understanding and patient with the kids.
i plan on going over the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes multiple times throughout the year. I'm going to make games out of the work so it's more interesting. By the end of the school year they will know their abc's numbers, colors, and shapes.


- when entering the classroom go and hang up your belongings and have a seat on the carpet.
- If you need to use the restroom raise your hand or wait until we go to the restroom together.
-Three students are allowed in the bathroom at a time.
-To leave the classroom must be cleaned up and heads are down on desks. Students are waiting quietly to be dismissed.
- Line leader will be chosen everyday students are to stand behind the line leader.
-When it's time to go to desks students will sit at their assigned tables.
-If you need a pencil raise your hand or go get one from the art supply.
-talk in inside voice
-Turn in work by putting it in your folder every morning.
-Important papers will be put in your folders everyday. Folders are to be taken home every night.
- When leaving the classroom for anything including drills, assemblies,etc.. students will wait for teachers instructions and stay together.

Classroom layout

This is how my classroom will look. There will be four seats at each table.
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